Let me show you the meaning of being lonely

two days ago, at 7.00 pm i was standing alone in the bus station, with my mp3 player listen to another ABC song “Kimi Ga iru Kara” which recently i use the lyrics to say sorry to my FB friend after some missunderstanding that happened.

standing alone and rain is falling, in this situation i used to feel happy but not this night. time is ticking and its almosr 8.00 pm and teh bus hasn’t come yet. suddenly that’s all make me feel so lonely, like there’s something missing in my heart, my live, …. n that was you …. damn !!

i never feel lonely even tough  in fact i was alone in my room, but i do still have you in my heart, my waiting for you all this years always made me belong to somebody. now everything is faded. My dreams, my memories all about you.

my dreams about you, that stupid dreams had adate in starbuck while drinking hot vanilla latte just like what Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan did in “You’ve Got mail”  while talking about Pride and prejudice novel, my fav movies that recently always make me cry everytime i watch.

i do still remember how you look so gorgeous every friday noon in your way to the mosque to had a friday pray every friday. and i ‘ll always sit near my window room to see you in that “koko and sarung” that always fascinating me … damn again

“koko and sarung” always succed make all boys and man look handsome, maybe it because the religious aura? don’t know that.

alone in the bis station at *.#) now and rain fall… hmmm that fixed all

i don’t have you now and never, t think that i can handle that. i have said before, laruku’s back, my geje family that always make me laugh, my DVD live QED, my sista help me trough this.

bu tonight after his wedding day i realized that i am still sad, my heart still aching. if Zarri Bano in my fav novel “holly woman” choose to pray all night long in her sajadah and burqa at the wedding night of Sikander (her trully love) and Ruby her sister, well what baout me?

i do nothing that cryin silently like i always did

everybody had their own cure so maybe by writing this note make me feel uplift ? i hope so. if doctor house, MD find his cure by diagnostic sick people, i think my cure from you is get bussy.

i’ll get busy’ i’ll go to my office on sunday, get my deadline on time, make sure that our new machine is ok and capable to produce like what we’ve planned.

this bad, sad, aching me is affecting my job eventually. i forget a lot baout many thins, appoinment with others, forget how much money that i’ve already gave to my office mate, unaccomplished project, ad i get late go to my office.

well this things need to be solved by get busy even sometimes i still remember you just by a simple thing .. like every friday noon

what a shame on me

noi              : should i get the brain biopsy ne doc?

dr. House : well … maybe, but i think that was the last option need to be done to you noi. how about get slap ? …..*slap noi 666x*

noi              : ittaiiii ……..

dr. House : so have i made my self clear ne?

noi               : i get that doc …. auch !!!!

well this butterfly is better she’s gonna wake up and find another love or waiting to be found …

hayaku hayaku mitsukette mitsukette ……!!!!!

yasu : nande hunny ?

noi    :  nothing, i just need to be found by someone and save me from all of this  * hugs yasu tight*

yasu :  well ….. mitsuketta …!!!

noi    : arigatou ne yasu_san, now would you marry me?

yasu : yes i do   *chuu*

noi   :  jiahahahhahahhahah …….. *go to the seventh heaven*


4 thoughts on “Let me show you the meaning of being lonely

  1. Go girl!! You can do it!!!

    Sadness and pain will not last forever as the happiness will not stay forever…

    Someday, somehow… you’ll find someone who you’ve been looking for..

    God bless u
    🙂 🙂

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