Metaphores with Gregory House, MD (part 2)

1. Pride and shame only aplied to people we have interested in, not employees
that’s what doctor house think about relation between boss and assistant. well then like he acted daily to all his assistant : cameron, case, foreman especially, 13 coz she bisex, taub, and of course the bitch that he hated so much just because she is dating wilson. even he fired her finally but she’s still get annoyed by her…. well her spirit send house to hell ….. wkwkwk

2. I have known people who had a dream, one thing they all have a common it was they got laughed at and they didn’t care ..
that’s taub said but i think sometime that is so hard to just ignore someone who is laughing at you ….

3. Don’t need someone to tell you what you already thinking …
House said that well maybe he get annoyed by that ..

4. The goal of live is not to eliminate misery but it’s to keep the misery minimum. Someone it’s gonna be miserable sometimes, just accept that …!!!
well ,…. i am miserable now …

5. There’s something freeing about being a looser ….
well then what if as a winner …. ?

6. There’s no neglance without an injury …

7. Lies are like children, hard work but they worth it. because the future is depend on him
future of lies, maybe the effect of lies that we made? so just watch out all of you liars …!!!

8. If you’re unhappy on a plane, just jump of it, but jumping out of a plane is stupid. you are on a plane, we were all on a plane. Live is dangerous and complicated and its a long way down.
*singing leaving on a jet plane*


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