Kompas Sunday, Samuel Mulia and Sleepless becouse of Yasu …? (can’t wait till march 24th)

Last saturday night Amel call me while i am watching my 5th season of CSI Miami, she said that the preview DVD Live QED Acid Black Cherry is already on Youtube, but why that video cannot be downloaded? that make me sleepless until 3 am .

there’s one question in my mind why amel can downlod that video and tekki can’t? that’s weird … all this time i always count on my sista tekki to download somethin whether is video or song in mp3.
Why ….? that’s because i am too lazy to do that my self, i always feel lost in the middle of nowhere every time i tried to downloading something. well i still have tekki anyway that’s what sista are for …. *bakahime mode on*

damn ….!!! watching that preview is already made us (me, tekki and amel) get sweat i dunoo why but i thought that last night is the hottest midnight ever for the three of us ,… that dvd that we wait all this time nee …. hufff. from the preview i can see that there’s a lot of song that they (ABC) are not perform in live QED on Ebisu Liquid Room yeah of course yes this live concert is bigger ne in Japan Budokan …
here’s the song that i am waiting to see live :

– Tsumi no Batsu – Kamisama no Alibi
– Mother
– Cherry cherry
– Nemuri Hime … of course this is my fave song and also remind me on Trio Geje stupid project on Yasu’s birthday, what a funny moment anyway
– Aishitenai live accustic version … hmmm this is the one i wanted to see …

but everybody now my stupid habit ne beside of that songs of course i wanted to see Yasu whit his black armless shirt (we always called it ghey shirt n i have one black ghey shirt) …  he’s so sekushi there , OMG what the hell is happening to me …. somebody please slap me onegaii …..!!!

finally on sunday morning i am late to go to the office damn again i am totally forget that i have to go to my office that sunday, and i am late for half hour … so i go to my office without my sunblock, make up etc … aigooo why does the sun on last sunday is so shinny it’s only 07.30 … i am a vampire so that sunshine is hurt on my skin without any sunblock cover it…. should i blame Yasu or my stupid mind that keep thinking somethin ugly to do with him ….?

but everything is okay maybe i am just too nervous because i am late, 3 pm i am already home, like usually there always Kompas daily news. i only buy this paper on sunday edition, because there’s a lot of something interesting every sunday … then i go to my fave page is Samuel Mulia’s article ….
who is  Samuel Mulia? for those of you who still don’t know him … well you gotta read his column on Kompas every sunday, he also the reason why i open an account on facebook.  he always say on his column about his friends, his lot of friends on facebook that make me think … oooo i gotta made the one too … then first thing i did was add him as my friend, and he accept me as his friend. even i never have some chit chat or reply comment each other but i am already feel great that he’s my friend on facebook, thanks anyway om Sam …

he write about jealous, why we always feel jealous, that’s because we feel unsecure on our relationship whether is with our partner (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife) or with ourself : do i look pretty? do i get old recently, oh no there’s another eyebags again …!!!

in my case i have no idea if i am tipical jealous girl or not i dunno but maybe i am … because i am a selfish, so i am jealous too right …  just like om samuel mulia said that wee need more get involved to many not just once relationship to less our jealousness and selfish (in my case), so in the end we can feel secure and trust on our relationship so it could move on to another level or that s stupid crush never happen like what i had : in love to one guy that never feel the same … never happen

well , that’s great column nee ….

tik tok tik tok tik tok ….. *still counting till march 24th*


5 thoughts on “Kompas Sunday, Samuel Mulia and Sleepless becouse of Yasu …? (can’t wait till march 24th)

  1. Hi, hajimemashite! I also love to read Samuel Mulia’s column. He is like, hm, a very honest person who sees himself as a human with many desires and sometimes a selfish-individual one of a kind. Yup, are we all like that sometimes? I think we are ^^.

  2. Dear Samuel,
    Your articles will and always be the main and first thing to search once Sunday’s paper is coming. Decent, self critics and a bit naughty sometomes are good combination and that is you. Keep writing, Gentleman.

    Thank you, Ami

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