Love Scene on CSI Miami

finally there’s  love scene on CSI Miami, actually there’ 3 love sceene : Eric Delco, Ryan wolfie  and the new girl Natalia Boa Vista (well this is triangle love) …if i were Natalia i choose Mr. Wolfie  the new guy on CSI replaced Speed … why i dunno i think he’s interesting look seriously hot with that spiky hair, . The way he talk, think and he act like he doesn’t need anything … that kind of man always made me curious … plus his eye problem

but i am a little bit surprize that Horatio is also got that love scene, when he meets Marisol (Eric Delco’s sister) .. and they fall in love , i like the way Horatio talk to her, made her comfort and always feel happy ..

just like when she afraid of her death, she said that she wanted to have a baby, then Horatio say that it is not too late to have one … the way he talk so calm n blessing ..

here’s one of the scene that so sweet

marisol : as long as you are with me everything is gonna be okay

horatio : yes you are …

and that scene was closed by Marisol going to do her chemo with Horatio waiting beside her while grab her arms … and told her to get a rest ….

even their marriage is just couple of days but i think that’s great for both of them …. hmmm i really enjoy this 5th season …


6 thoughts on “Love Scene on CSI Miami

  1. Wah, seneng ma CSI jg ya??? Sama dong dan aku plg seneng sm CSI Miami dibanding NY ato CSI, soalnya karakter horatio caine yg plg oke siiiyyyy, hehe

  2. iya … saia juga demen sama horatio, saia paling suka pas diya sama mac gabung dalam satu kasus, n sekarang saia lagi nunggu yang kasus gabungan antara miami, ny sama las vegas …

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