Jully come right away onegaii ….!!!!

there’s so much thing and fun that i wait on Jully … i never feel this way, this feeling that time is so slow just like a turtle’s race …

in jully  i am gonna meet with my cyber friends on Facebook that i love so much, well as u know i don’t  have much friends in my real world … my geje family finally we’re gonna meet  … yay !!!

i wait for my Acid Black Cherry Recreation 2 album, … i can’t wait for that, just like my friend Valeria says that is gonna be a hard wait …

there’s the preview …. oh no listening to that voice …. the voice that i really miss so much ….

Yasu’s version of Glamours Sky is sughoii nee, even it just a preview but his voice sound yasashi, i think he is one or half tone higher that Hyde’s version, but still the same tone with Mika Nakashima’s version

this one is really funny … this video made me realize now how he always do … on shows or elsewhere …  he is a kissu monsuta too ….

so if  Yasu have his own Spell Magic, … i do have my own magic spell …. here it is …

“Ya_Hyde, Yasu, Yamapi ….i want Jully come right away onegaii …….” …. jiahahha … *get slap*


5 thoughts on “Jully come right away onegaii ….!!!!

  1. Me too!!! I want July to come fast!!! especially July 16…because that’s the day Inception will be in every cinema…I want to see Cillian Murphy’s face in big screen and I want to be awed the awesomeness of that movie *beda alasan nungguin Juli*

  2. I love the way he shouted, “YAY!!!” at the end…
    it’s so funny… XDDD and noisy… :p
    Yasu is so shame! (wondering if I know what he said)

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