Noi Himura vs Sodako

today everything is not okay ….it is June 30th Recreation album released today, last night i wake up till 2:00 am try to download it …. but what happen ne? i just can’t do that … this because my stupid net connection makes me mad all night long, maybe Kami_sama didn’t allow me to download it. i hear a sound ” you should wait nee noi_chan”

so this morning  i wake up late. while yesterday, I already make many appointments to meet with clients and do somethin for my boss.  now this morning they all after me. my boss keep callin me and makes my stupid Black Cherry won’t even stop breathing (is it breathing? … jiahah)

so here  i am today .. that damn deadline keep after me but this time the soundtrack is Aitaii, Yasu keep singing Aitai for me this morning. it’s seem like he ask me to go to beach and see movies? …. i must be crazy today

i go to my bank first to send my boss some cash coz he said he is run out of money, where the hell is he i dunno anyway. he always disapearre every end of the month just like today until the payday over. that’s make me hate him every end of the month ….

i was running unaware that i haven’t brush my hair … my neighbor yell at me ” hei look at your hair!!” … bu it seems like i didn’t care n keeps running on my highheels … then on the bus i see on the mirror …

who the hell is she?

OMG it was my shadow …. damn is that me? … oh no that’s Sodako ….. i am so shy. but I do not carry a comb, then i just use my finger to my hair ….

last night i write on my status on Facebook that Yasu looks more pretty than before with his long hair just like Sunako_chan .. well today if he is Sunako then i am Sadako ……

i Want my CD right away Onegaii …!!!!


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