How I Support Yasu … (it’s arrived finnaly yay … !!!)

just like every other day, today is still another busy day for me. that deadline and other things that i promise to my boss and my client keep after me. i dunno why i always love to say “tomorrow at 2pm” every time i make an appointments. damn …!!!! and i always forget it so every 1:30 pm i will say … ” hee … i have to do all of this?” … damn i should change this 2.00 pm habit. What do u feel at 2:00 pm but sleepy? i am always sleepy at that time i really wanna take a nap just for 5 minutes but hell no, they just come after me …. and they keep after me.

i think i start get used to after by those things (deadlines, appointments, etc). if they didn’t after me i am gonna feel there’s something wrong with my day. it feels incomplete … well i will face anythings after me but dogs coz i hate dogs ….

and today i feel so tired, my legs hurts it feels like all the indian police in Calcutta beat me just like what they always did in indian movies that i watch, …. i watch to much indian movies when was child. but i love some of them

enough about indian movies and police …. let’s go back to Japan ….

When i get home, there it is … my CD is arrived finally, i am waiting for this Recreation album for almost two weeks ne, it usually take only a week for my other CD or DVD but this one is different …
everybody know that’s because of it cover, Yasu choose this nude girl as his cover album. and makes me into trouble (not me, but my friend Miku actually) … Thanks to Miku, she handle everything just like she always did.

even i buy this but i have already download it anyway, gomen Yasu you may blame me who do not want to wait for two weeks but i really can’t wait to listen this album, can’t wait for your version of Glamorous Sky and many other song. but i do support you ne Ya_san i really do, coz i love you … *what the* ….. so here i am download and buy the CD at te same times. ….

Like i said before this album is awesome make me hear Yasu’s voice clearly. don’t care about the song i just enjoy his voice with a variety tones. just like the title ” Recreation” this albums really takes me to another place (in my mind) …

for example :

when i listen to Haashi …

it takes me to Glee series, you would not believe this. i mean what is the connection between Yasu and Glee …? this is true when i listen to Haashi from the beginning when the piano start it takes me to William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio… then i remember to another rehearsal of Glee. and damn i imagine Yasu sing this song for audition to join Glee club in front of Will Schuester.

Love is Over

takes me to another night jazz club, i imagine me with my broken heart by someone coz he left me for another woman or man …. (hee ..?) then stopped by to this club to enjoy a glass of vanilla latte while listening to this song. I believe my heart who already broken into pieces will be lighter. because Yasu sang this song with relax. it was like he said the love was already over but it’s okay because everything will be fine …. oh no ….. that’s so sweet ne

Last Dance

this song takes me to Saigon, Vietnam … i imagine this song as a memory song for an old man, a former American soldier who was stationed in Vietnam, Rambo or Forrest Gump’s friends maybe. he remembers the good times he had in Vietnam. his memory with his Vietnam girl who worked at restaurant or a tailor shop (just like one of The Corrs pv : The Hardest thing)

I imagine the scene of an American soldier navy maybe who was waiting for his girl finished working on the sidewalk. then they will walk together to their favorite restaurant for dinner. and they would dance to spent the night together because tomorrow is the last day he was in Saigon because of his term ends.

it was their last dance. now the man who became an old man come to Saigon remembering his last dance with his beloved girl from Vietnam, while wondering where is she now ….?

after this Recreation 2, now i am waiting for my Re:Birth CD on August …. no problem with this single coz Yasu finally choose his own picture as cover . Yasu always gave me another list to wait ..

so let’s read the magic spell ….. : Ya_Hyde, Yasu, Yamapi … please make August come right away onegaii ….!!!!


2 thoughts on “How I Support Yasu … (it’s arrived finnaly yay … !!!)

  1. Wow thats GREAt you have the new album if you know how much i have to wait for buy it you will die xD i love glamorous sky, Tenshi no wink y the song i never stop listen is AITAI this album havce great covers
    SEE you hava fun with the new album! n_n

    • yes i do have fun with my cd cos it takes a long waiting …. that’s okay if u don’t buy it u have already download it anyway … but u better bu it ne …. hahahha

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