Glee vs Like a Virgin … (still imagine Yasu on Glee)

i watch Glee again after thought that my euphoria on this series is over but not over yet. Then i watch it again and again till end. I see me on Rachel sometime. that drama queen. am i drama queen? no i am dancing queen.

this series remind me of my fave Korean movies Like a Virgin. why it’s because Kurt. Kurt is my fave character on Glee. He’s funny and classy. He is gay anyway, i always love the gay character just like i love Marc St. James on Ugly Betty and Justin of course. i knew that Betty’s beloved nephew is gonna be gay. when he finnaly find his own fairy godfather (Marc) i just like ,….. yay !!!

this is the different between Kurt and Dong Gu. Kurt has a loving and care father, he loves Kurt just the way he is even he is gay and adore Beyonce. He support him with his own way . i think he love Kurt with his own way.

Just like Hilda Suarez on Ugly Betty support Justin with her “you don’t ask i don’t tell” i like the way they mother and gay son smile each other on Hilda’s wedding ball when finally Justin goes out with his boyfriend. Yeah maybe Kurt’s father use that. U don’t ask, i don’t tell is always fit for that.

OMG she married to Eric Delco from CSI Miami …..

but poor Dong Gu, who has that drunk and scary father. a father who always desperate because his wife leave him and feel ashamed for having a gay son.  i am so sad when he baets Dong Gu but i feel hee …. ? when finally Dong Gu able to say what’s on his mind for all this time to him.

Just like Dong Gu i always cry on bathroom i dunno why but i think bathroom is the comfort place to cry. so i always run to bathroom everytime i sad and wantd to cry. i remember i go to bathroom more than 5 times a day just to cry on last January when i found out that i am a fool and somebody already break my heart successfully and i didn’t realize it for a long time.

then i cried again on my office bathroom on a friday noo because i keep remember him every friday noon, i go to bathroom again, when my boss start to gave me along speech bout this thing and how i supposed to love somebody , i run again to bathroom, then it keeps happen when i listen to ABC song A no Baka….

why coz i feel so baka, … noi no baka.

enough about this relationship between me and bathroom, this  Ryoo Deok-hwan also plays on this movie : Private Eye. this movie tells about the Korean version of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. great movie to.

They both (Kurt and Dong-Gu) have many similarities :

1. They freak

they freakwith their own way and they join to the “freak club”. Kurt join Glee ang Dong Du joins the underdog wresling club. but they happy coz they feel they found their place finnaly.

2. They love to sing.

Kurt adore Beyonce and Dong Gu adore Madonna, see how funny kurt dancing Beyonce’s Single Lady on the footbal match

and how Dong Gu decide to dance like Boa when the other team warming up for practice, he finnally able to sing his fave Madonna’s Song Like a virgin

haha that’s my fave ….

3. They totally in love to somebody

Kurt can’t help faliing in love to Finn (i always think Finn is stupid, well he’s hot but yeah …). see how’s Kurt look at hm, how he’s so happy when his father and Finn’s mother in relationship makes him and Finn a roommate … (OMG i always wanted a gay roommate, but the real one not the pretending one just like Lee Min Hoo on Personal Taste). Kurt work so hard to decorate his room to make Finn happy , but what the hell he only heras the F words from him.

there you are again i imagine Yasu sing Tenshi no winku on that scene. that scene fit with the lyrics :
“I love you I love you kuchibiru ga tereteru I don’t know I don’t know namida ga tomaranai no wa naze?”
hahahhahha …… it just like this : after all this time why didn’t see me ..?

same thing with Dong Ho he adore his sensei so much but what … he feel that way to …
well if i were rachel , i’ll date Kurt than Finn, but hey since i a not her so i am gonna date Yasu my Pretty man on Bahama …


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