Yasu is Hyde’s numero uno fanboy, i knew it …!!!!!

OMG …. !!! that’s all i can say, on Acid Black Cherry Re:birth preview ….

see with that bandana he just like Hyde on Vamps PV Angel Tripp (the Christina Aguilerra looks) …

the fact that Yasu is Hyde’s number one fanboy is the reason why i love Yasu, because the chain reaction like i always said :

i love Hyde —-> Yasu love Hyde —–> Yasu love me —–> i love Yasu …. jiahahha *get kicked to Bahama ocean*

i just can’t wait until August 18th for my CD’s arrived from CD Japan … yosh …!!!!!!!!!

translation …. (i can’t find the romanji)

I hate the silent nights where anxiety strikes me
I can’t go to sleep
Crying might make me feel better
But then I’d only end up with having a thirst
You know, to be honest I’m still quivering
Something in me is gonna be broken apart
Could you stop telling me it’s gonna be OK so lightly
‘Cause I’m not as strong as you think

The words and feelings that I bottled up
They lost control and started acting up in my mind
Will you knock it off
‘Cause I know it already
Hey don’t glare at me like that
Please leave me alone for a while

[Second verse]
Now I don’t want to do the things I used to love
Can’t help but want to die ’cause I’m afraid of tomorrows
I guess it’s easy to run away
But then I’d be angry with myself and would still want to die
That’s enough
I can’t walk anymore
I know I’ve made this far after all these setbacks

The words and feelings that I bottled up
They lost control and started acting up in my mind
I’ve got a lot of things that I need to say
How can I get them across to you
I’m here, I’m screaming nearby you

yasu said that he composed this song last year an their last tour QED when he get that throat problem, ha said i am sorry if this song sounds weird. this song sounds dark, deep and sad just like the ocean blue … the re: birth title i think Yasu is gonna start his new life with the new vision maybe after the surgery … . New life i mean a healthy live, he stops smoking now ….

i don’t wanna see him like that again even he looks good when he smokes but that’s totally bad for his health and the important things is for his voice. His last year’s sickness is a very valuable experience, he learn something ……

well i am glad he is okay now, his voice is okay and he still the same Yasu that i know, and he prove it on last Recreation cover album when i hear his voice on Daitokai with Daigo … i said … yay. he is Genki …

Otsukarisamadess Ya_san …!!!!!

credit to : Jpopasia


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