Tsuki no Koibito … (I always love Kimutaku)

i finish this dorama finally.  I  watch this one of course because there’s Takuya Kimura. Kimutaku is my fave actor, since Hidetoshi Sena on Long Vacation (first dorama that i watched) i keep searching for his dorama. I still can believe when he played Tsukumo_san on Mr. Brain, it keeps me asking is that Kimutaku? well he plays good there plus Mizushima Hiro who looks funny just like Det. Takagi on Meitantei Conan.

Tsuki no Koibito (Moon Lovers) tells about Hazuki Rensuke (Takuya Kimura),  a hansome, rich and independent bachelor. He is the president of Regolith a house furnishing bussines company. His live walks normal until he meets one Shanghai girl named Liu Shiu Mei (Lin Chi Ling). He just in love with this girl.  Rensuke who always gets what he want then ask that girl to be Regolith new brand images.

Rensuke is in love, but there’s 2 another woman arround and love him to with their own way. Ninomiya Maemi (Shinohara Ryoko), Rensuke’s long time  friend, she always beside him and knows everything about him. She loves Rensuke so much but she never able to say that. All she can do is be next to him every time he needs her. She also work as his interior designer ….

she dared herself to say what she feel all this time to rensuke,  i should have been like her. Dare to say something that silence forever.

” nee Rensuke, i love you and i always will, but you always running in front of me. can you believe that a just keep after you. All i can see is your back” …. just go after her, and please don’t look back again.

OMG … that scene is a deja vu for me,  … i also always look for his back, the “ai no baka man” yeah my friends say that. well ai no baka man, it sounds weird but hell yeah he makes me baka until now …. oh no why did i keep talking about him again and again? did i promise to myself not to talk about him again? ….. damn …!!!!

the other girl is Yuuzu (Kitagawa Keiko), she loves Rensuke so much. She is kinda girl who wanted to do anything to get atention from the man that she is in love to, in this case Rensuke. I like when she finally understand that Rensuke never love her back (he can only love her as a sister) , she said to him :  i don’t care who is gonna be with you as long as she makes you happy, and remember that i always be here for you.

Both of them decide to let go the man that they loved so much, they get that love is not always made for each other, but it’s more able to see someone that you love is happy even with others. well that’s easy to say but damn it is really hard to do … trust me ….

what i get from this dorama is if there is someone who is always beside you and love you sincerely, why you need to find someone who is far away?

i love the ending when Rensuke get that, even actually i get upset when Rensuke go to airport to meet Xiau Mei. i think that he is gonna after her, ask her to not to leave or proposed her, but hey …. he said good bye eventually … i get surprised …  but yay …!!!!

then he go to Maemi’s house and told her : ” from now on, can you just walk beside me so you can see my face instead of my back and i can see your face …? Maemi i think i am in love with you and thanks everything …

then they get married …..

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