Summer Party – BREAKERZ …. (one of the Daigoism)

after watching this song on live, i listen to this song over and over …. and i love this song, once again Daigo surprise me with this song when i read the translation. i never see the translation lyrics if i don’t like the song ….. but this one is lovely ….

i can’t imagine that Digo go to UK just because  a girl say “that would be as awesome summer if you also come there” …. and when he asked her to go out he gets rejected by her. Poor Daigo, the funny Daigo. I love this song better than Winter Party.  i can’t imagine Aki or Shinpei go to UK for that reason. yeah the funny reason only fits with the funny man like Daigo a.k.a. mr. Binyong ahahha

i like the part : “Let’s not talk age, there’s no time limit when it comes love” … OMG he is in love with someone older than him, …. this song remain me one of Korean drama The Woman who still want to get married, that’s a long title ne. Played by the Korean sweet namja, Kim Bum. it is about a boy (Kim Bum) a college student and also a guitarist who fall in love deeply to an older woman. she is 10 years older than him.

The woman who feels that she is older than her boyfriend often imagine  if only time could stop. She wanted  stop her time and fell asleep for 10 years, so when she woke up 10 years from now they gonna meet each other at the same age ….. but the boys still love her and keep after her, he even coloring his hair into gray so he can be as her age … what a fool ne …..

this song fit with that, …. well i am gonna sing this song on my boring noon at office than take a nap ……

Words: DAIGO

Music: DAIGO

tashika ni taiyou ga boku wo niranderu

machi ni minami kaze ga fukinukeru

kokoro odoridasu yo azayakana aozora to

kono natsu wa kimi ga iru kara

mou nidoto koi nante shinai to chikatta IGIRISU no yoru

sono ketsui kowashite kureru hito wo zutto sagashite

kimi ni meguri aeta


kono natsu wa subete kimi to no omoide ni kaeta

itsutaetai mou ichido

afuredashisouna kono MY HEART

motto tashika ni kimi tokete itai

mou ii toshi nanoni nante iwanaide ne

koisuru koto ni kigen wa nai sa

nando mo kizutsuite namida wo nagashite maji BURUU demo

tachiagare kantan ni furimuite moraenakutemo

akiramecha DAME sa


kono natsu wa subete kimi dake wo mitsumeitei itai

tsutaetai mou ichido

kimi ni sasowareta nara

sore wa iku deshou kimi ni kurete itai

zetsubou ga futatabi osotte mo kurayami ni kono mi tsutsumaretemo

IKIageru kimi dakara nando demo ATTACK shichauze!!

kimi dake wo dakishimete

sukoshi tayorinai kedo ichizuna ai wo yakusoku suru yo


sono natsu wa subete kimi to no omoide ni kaetai

tsutaetai mou ichido

afuredashisouna kono MY HEARTmotto tashika ni kimi ni toketeitai

tashika ni kimi wo motomete

tashika ni kimi wo aishiteru


Indeed, the sun is glaring at me

And the summer breeze is blowing through the city

My heart is starting to dance,

Because the sky is vivid blue

And you’re here this summer

That night in England, I swore I’d never fall in love again

But I was always looking for that someone who could break it

And then I chanced to meet you


I wanna fill this summer with our memories

I wanna tell you (once more)With this heart that’s about to spillIndeed,

I want to melt more in you

Let’s not talk age

There’s no time limit when it comes love

I’ve shed tears, been hurt, and been pretty blue countless times,

But I stand up againIt’s not easy to face the other way ’round

But giving up is no good!


I wanna spend this summer gazing only at all of you

I wanna tell you (once more)

That if you ask meI’ll say yes, indeed, I wanna touch you.

Even if despair hunts me again

Even if darkness envelops meI’ll go for it,

It’s you after all,

So I’ll attack nonstop!

I will hold only you

I’m a little bit unreliable,

but,I promise you a wholehearted love


I wanna fill this summer with our memories

I wanna tell you (once more)With this heart that’s about to spill

Indeed, I want to melt more in you

Indeed, it’s you I’m looking for

Indeed, I love you

credit to : BRZFANZ


3 thoughts on “Summer Party – BREAKERZ …. (one of the Daigoism)

  1. I never watch the drama, but I bet that was a romantic one since it was directed by the Korean 😀

    Anyway, even if it’s romantic on drama, but for me it’s still a very weird thing when an adult woman fall in love with a boy who’s much younger than her 😀

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