L’arc is Back ….!!! (finally after all this time)

visit their site :

finally they back, after all this time i have  been waiting for them since Hyde said on their last live that they gonna be back with a bigger ship. then i keep waiting for them ….

i love all Hyde’s hair even before i see this photo i always imagine that Hyde gonna change his haircolor back to brown again but it is not. He is still blond with a good looking hairstyle makes him look manly …
Tetsuya and Ken is still charming, but Yuki … OMG what kind oh hairstyle he use? …. it makes him look weird, it’s okay the point is i am happy … because they back ….

it is not that i hate VAMPS , i love VAMPS to but not like the way i love L’arc. now i can say :
bye bye KAZ, from now on Hyde is belong to Tetsuya for evaaa ……. !!!! ……

i am so happy because 3 reason :

音譜 L’arc is Back
音譜 My Re:birth CD is gonna arrived soon
音譜 finally i get what Yasu talking about on MUJACK show that i download last night …., thanks to Yukiko and Yasu_hi for helping me ….

thank you very much ……


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