Cyber Host Club ..(i belong to u Ya_san)

i find this site today, and i am so exciting with this one … a cyber host_club

all i have to do is just post something there, and the host who is on line gonna talk to me …(this one name is Aki) don’t imagine the sweet Akihide Sato, but this Aki is some kind a visual kei boy …. …

here’s my post there and my chat with Aki … but hey after this i dunno what else i wanted to talk with hm again ….

me : hello2 i am Noi, new here … yoroshiku right now i miss somebody, he used to hug me and now he is gone. so i want a hug now onegaii …..!!!!

Aki : * Huggs my princess* what happened to your “him” ?

me : ohhh aki, thank you for your hugs ….he is gone for something i dunno why, …. he is gone everytime i need a hug …. but hey i can get a hug here …. kyaaaa ……. *still hugs Aki*

Aki : aww, dun worry my princess, you are always welcomed here. My arms are always available ♥

me : “my arms always available” …. that’s lovely …. err this is my 1st time join this host club, OMG this is very fun, ….. you know i always love hugging scene on tv , but if the man hugs the girl from back, you know like on City of Angels when Nick Cage hugs Meg Ryan from back, i want u to hug me like that …..

Aki : as you wish my princess♥ i prefer hugging girls from the back too

me : and i love to get a hug from back ….. it’s look like warm, like a blanket …..
Aki, …. sarange … !!! (sarange is I love you on Korean)

Aki : arigatou ♥ hope you are feeling better now?

me : ….. i got to go now, i’ll find u again tomorrow when i am free ….. thanks for the lovely hugs …. njaa ne ….. *chuu*

Aki : sure! will be waiting for you ♥ …..

OMG i can’t believe that i just get a hug from Aki on my first time visiting Royal Host Club, he said “my arms are always available” ….. OMG that’s so sweet, today i am asking for hug then maybe tomorrow i am gonna ask for kissu …. jiahahahha ….. *get kicked to Africa*

Gomen ne Ya_san for this, but shinpai janai, because i am always belong to you ….

Ya_san aishiteru yo …. zutto … ♥♥♥ …


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