Me and Yasu …..♥♥♥♥

i wanted to take a picture of me with that pose the same as him …… but what the, that’s to hard ….


i call this my Yasu look hair. i think i better use my glasses, but i haven’t buy the new one . it is not healthy as it look, my hair always fall when i brush it, so i only brush it once a day in the morning. plus i put some tonic, that’s make my head smell ginseng all day long. ….. you better think twice before u change… your hair color, see my hair keeps fallin because i change color many times ……
it used to be brown, and i turn it to black just like him and now he is red …… aaaaahhh that’s make me mad , *bite Yasu*

they looks like couple ne …., what the hell is Yasu’s doing? he doesn’t look kawaii …. *bite yasu*. my hair is better than him anyway ,,,, wkwkwkkw …. he looks like a barbie doll with that blue eyes …

nee minna should i change my hair color to red just like him? ….if i dye it to red, it’s gonna drive my mom crazy ne …. she’s already mad at me when i use the black gay shirt (the same black gay shirt that he use on Aishitenai song on QED live) …. …she never allow me to go out with that

i really love to see him with that black shirt, because it shows his beautiful shoulders ne, i always love his shoulders ….. so smooth and sexy then i buy the same one,…
but i only wear it on my room, i i go out i put some jacket or sweater on it. if i go out only with that i think she’s gonna sell me to Saudi Arabia …


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