Say somethin to Ya_san beside “sarange”

Today i am so happy, …. i dunno why but then at the afternoon as usual i open my Facebook using my BC  …. hey Amel told me that live report on Osaka ….. i dunno that because yesterday i am nemuri hime, i sleep from 3:00 pm after i get home from work (yeah i work on sunday) until 05:00 am in the morning. Did i have a dream? … no i don’t dream about anything, … it just sleeping, a very long sleeping. i tend to sleep everywhere and thank God at that time my long nemuri hime time, i was at home and sleeping in my bed under my red and white bed cover …. *i should by the black one*

that live report is the reason why i feel happy in the morning maybe, you know i think this one is some kind of 6th sense for me ? ….. hahahahha ……… but i am still alive ne not dead just like Bruce Wills on his movie The sixth day.  this movie  is a very shocking movie that i ever watch beside one episode of Star Wars where Luke Skywalker found out that Darthvader is his father ….. the way he said “I am your father is shocking just like  when Bruce Wills realize that he is already dead when he didn’t find hid wedding ring …… OMG ….

oh read that make me love Yasu more than before, i can’t imagine if he really decide to ends his musical career just like what he planned, but thank God he cancel that  ….. he said that because all of his fans keep sending him something to give support to him …

i also know that his mother is comin to his Live Re:birth on Osaka together with Daigo, and Shinpei … that’s the reason why Yasu be polite …. ah his mother call him Yasunori …. OMG that is so sweet i feel love there … i was wondering what is she look like. in my mind she must be a great and lovely mommy just like my mom, and pretty of course … she is the mother of  a very handsome and amazing son, and pervy this is also a plus one

i still can’t stop imagine she call him : Yasunori, yasunori ……. kyaaaaa*start to bite BC*

what about me? what i give to him? …. last January, on his tanjoubi i wanted to send him a video of me covering Nemuri Hime but i cancel that because after i listen and watch the video … OMG i feel shock …!!!! there’s nothing wrong with the video but my voice is totally disaster. i am sure he is gonna get headache if he listen to my voice …. only wall, soap, shampoo and water in my bathroom who stand to listen to my voice ..

yeah right i am a bathroom singer ……

as a fan of him i do wanted to say something to him …. and i really do wanted to him to reply something what i said about him …. but with what way ne? …. his blog? …. yeah that blog, i dunno why it is just can’t be open again …. there’s something like says that the account is unavailable or expired and then bla bla bla … i dunno what next because it is in Japan ….

is he stop blogging or get boring  of that ….. i hope he gonna start again, because i do really wanna know what he is doing, what he was thinking or anything …..

if i able to say something to him i am gonna say this one ….

nee Ya_san, Hideyoshi (the TAIKO Toyotomi Hideyoshi) says that a golden moment (a time where he is already achieve everything) for a man is on his 40. Hyde already made that and you still have another 5 years, so you better go after him..! Ganbatte ne and love you zutto …..!!!!!”

btw : i dunno how to say it in nihongo ….. jiahahhah …. *get slap with japan dictionary*


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