The Naked Kitchen … (i Only have Yasu now ..)

At the first time i saw this movie, i see Joo Ji-hoon then i think ahhh this one must be Yaoi. but hell no, this one is not the yaoi one even i am right there’s the triangle love story between the three character but this one is the ordinary love triangle ne 2 man fall in love with the same girl …..

this movie is nice, interesting and a little bit funny. not  like all Korean and Japan movie that make us waiting for something …. this movie makes me say heee at the first 15 minutes, …..

why? because at the beginning i see that standing sex location between Ahn Mo-Rae (played by Shin Min-Ah, My Gilrfiend is a Gumiho, Devil, The Beast and The Beauty) and Park Du-Re (Ju Ji- Hoon) at the gallery. whaaa they are so good show how both of them interest each other at the first sight, and had no reason why they did that. … we should have a reason ne to have a sex with someone? ….

okay  let’s back to the beginning ….

this movie started with a young woman named Ahn Mo-Rae (played by Shin Min-Ah) wake up in the morning and feel so happy because today is their first wedding anniversary. She prepare breakfast for his husband Sang In (played by Kim Tae-Woo), kiss him gentle and make a plan for a romantic dinner tonight. Mo-Rae is an umbrella artist, she open a shop that sell many things connected with umbrella, and Sang In is a stock broker. That day Sang In decide to quit from his job to open a restaurant just like what he always dream oo, and he thinks that today at his wedding anniversary is the best time.

Mo-Rae go to a chinesse gallery to find some antique for her husband, she enter the gallery even it was closed… at that time there is he, a cute namja Park Du-Re with his instant camera take a picture of her. Instead of say no Mo-Rae just smiling and make a pose with her umbrella (she always use umbrella anywhere). then they heard someone is comin. both of them hide at the corner next to each other. Being so close with stranger makes her feel uncomfort. she decide to open her umbrella to surprise and shock of that stranger which turn to amusement for him.

but before she did something they are more close and close … then he start to kiss her forehead as they both took a scent of each other he kiss her slowly from her lips and she enjoy it, … they just locked into passionate kiss and embrace continue with her clothes off and ..

ahhh you better watch it by your self ne ….

like nothing happen they split. Mo-Rae go to the restaurant where her husband is waiting for her. Mo-Rae is a very naif woman she feels very guilty for what just happen then she decide to tell her husband about this. Her husband Sang In, very mad but he decide to not talking about this anymore and ask her to put this behind because they are gonna started a new live as a restaurant owner.

Sang In started to tell her about his plan with his new restaurant. He said that his best friend Park Du-Re who is a chef from France is gonna help them and he ask Mo-rae to meet him after dinner, he said that his friend is gonna live together with them. When Sang-In introduce  them …. OMG that’s the guy at the gallery …… now they have to live together?

she is very confused with what happen, so what do i have to do? …. but Du-Re is kinda weird namja, he act like nothing happen and say hello to her and treat her gentle as his friend’s wife but his eyes tell the different way ….he always look at Mo-Rae with love … Sang-In who never know what happen between them keeps tellin his wife to go with Du-Re to the market and everywhere he wanted to go.

they started to go together … and Du-Re start to say that he is in love with her. he ask her : do you love Sang In? when she said : yes because i always follow him anywhere since i was a child (she even call his husband with Hyung /big brother, not oppa just like everybody), Du-Re said it wasn’t love, it just lucky. because if i were next to you since i was a child you are gonna marry me, not him. that’s unfair …

he even sing for her at the supermarket park area with a loudspeaker in France (this one remind me on 10 Things I Hate About You, when Heath Ledger sing Can’t Take My eyes of You for Julia) ,and Joo Ji-hoon sings very well ….

Sang-In saw it. Now he realized who is that man that his wife told him on their last first anniversary dinner. he is my best friend. for all this time he always feel save that his wife is adore him so much so he never worried that there’s gonna be another man between them. When he ask Du-Re why, he got mad because Du-re is totally in love with Mo-Rae. they even had something that he didn’t know …

When Mo-Rae got pregnant, Sang In feels nothing …. maybe he is wondering is that my baby? but he never ask this question …

What about Mo_Rae? what’s she feel, …. she said i don’t know because all my live i only know Sang-In, i dunno if this one is called love or just because we get used each other. but with Du-Re i feel something new. I think i love him to, … I am in love for two man, is that okay? if it is not okay i can’t do nothing because i already did. i can’t let go one of them …

This movie ends with no answer who is the one, it just ends with Mo-Rae cook for them, they have breakfast together and she said that she love both of them … then she just go ….  she didn’t wanted to be someone between her husband and his best friend. …..

ahh i wish i could be just like her, in love for two man …. all my life i only love one man and he is not available anymore for me …. the bad news is when i am in love with him i am already love him totally you know what i mean i only think about him, there’s no other … so when everything is over i have nobody but me and my stupid feelings ….. i should not love him in that way … love that drive me crazy, i should act just like Mo-Rae … loving somebody with nice and easy ….

if you ask me who i love now? …. well i only have Yasu to love, well maybe one day … (but i hope this day never comin) … because when i feel very2 sad for this my stupid unconditionally love i listen to his song many times and cry cry cry again …. then i love him, so here i am as you can see on my FB there’s only Yasu … i think i owe him  for this, i dunno why by loving Yasu makes my heart lighter and i feel okay to let him go … (i have to let him go ne) … but i never gonna say Omedeto, …. what the …. i am not that stupid …

Hountou ni Arigatou ne Ya_san and Sarange …..♥


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