a lovely vacation … (noi vs sadako)

what am i doing? ….. i am on my vacation. This one i wanted to make a sexy video … with who?


who else but him ……. jiahahhahah … *get slap with frying pan*


had a very fun and happy vacation with my friends, my facebook friends. We’ve been friends for almost 2 years but last week is the first time all of us see each other. …. we watch movies, and go to karaoke together … we sing a lot of Laruku song and also another song that Yasu covering on Recreation2 album .

his one is me and my beloved Imouto Amel, with her i sing Daitokai just like Yasu and Daigo with me as Yasu and her as Daigo. …. well Yasu’s part is easier ne …


yeah we did it ….. yay, Panda ….!!!!ドキドキ

who is the most dazzling man in Japan? ….. Ya_san da ….!!!!!

and this one is my devil side photo ….

Sadako and her victim, i think she’s gonna take him to some place that nobody else but her so she can eat him alive ….. jiahahahhaha

nobody realized if that girl is me when i upload that on my FB, …… hahahha after that they always call me Sadako …. yeah right then i am gonna be Sadako on this Haloween party ….. this Yasu look hair it’s totally fit for that …..


2 thoughts on “a lovely vacation … (noi vs sadako)

  1. Looks like a fun vacation 🙂

    Question: Where did you go for karaoke? I want to go with my friend too but the place HAS to have Larc’s songs.

    Tokoronde, I forgot are you in Jakarta or other city?

  2. just go to inul vista …. there’s a lot of japanese song there ….. La’rc, JDA, Kat_tun, Flumpool and all the song that Yasu is covering on his cover album …… some of them even got the romanji lyrics ….

    heee …. where am i? i am in Osaka now ….. ahahahah

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