Hatsukoi, Recreation Album …. (the Godfather vs Spiderman, and Yasu ♥ )

i love to listen  this song recently, this one is my fave on Recreation Album. What a romantic lyrics, first love is the love that make us never able to say i like you or even wrote his name …. ahahahhah i feel that to when i was junior high. …… First love, we always gonna remember that.

This song remain me of my fave movie Serendipity with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale on 2001. Serendipity (noun) is a propensity for making fortunate discoveries while looking for something unrelated..

John Cusack as Jonathan (well i always love him even sometimes i mistook him with Edward Norton) and Sara (Kate) they are stranger who meet by accident when they are shopping for Christmas present at Bloomingdale. They want the same gloves, they had an argument at the first time but then they go to some cafe named Serendipity for some coffee or tea i forgot (then Jonathan told Sara what is Serendipity)

when they going to say goodbye, instead of ask phone number of each other they did a silly thing with that serendipity. Jonathan wrote his number on a dollar, and he use that one dollar to pay bill. In the other way Sara wrote her number on her book (she is a writer), the 1st press one . ….

time is goes on and one, both of them can’t forget each other. even Jonathan is going to marry his fiance (ah i hate this one , the part when the bride/groom leaving the altar just before he say “Yes I do” that’s selfish ne?) and also Sara.

the night before the wedding Jonathan talks to his best friend about his feeling. His friend told him to forget Sara, but he says to him …. *this one is my fave dialogue, and the way John say that is totally cool*

He said    : what is first love anyway? …. first love is just like when you watch The Godfather. which one is your fave?

his friend : The Godfather 2

Jonathan : me to, for me The Godfather 2 is better. but i am sure before you like the Godfather 2 you must be like the first one right?. because you can’t say i like the 2nd one before watch the 1st. …. that’s the point of first love. First love is unforgettable because by that first love we can learn and get so many things even pain but pain make us stronger right? ….

finally …. ah i wont say that u gotta watch this one …..

i  always love Sonny Corleone …. he is totally a mafioso, leave the gun, take the canoli ….

The Godfather, First love, Hatsukoi, Yasu …… i love the way he sing : Suki da yo to iezu ni hatsukoi wa Furikosaiku no kokoro


Lyrics & Music by Kozo Murashita

Arrangement by Noriyoshi Matsushita

Samidare wa midori iro

Kanashikusareta yo hitori no gogo wa

Koi wo shite sabishikute

Todokanu omoi wo atatameteita

Suki da yo to iezu ni hatsukoi wa

Furikosaiku no kokoro

Houkago no koutei wo hashiru kimi ga ita

Tooku de boku wa itsudemo kimi wo sagashiteta

Asai yume dakara mune wo hanarenai

Yuubae wa anzuiro

Kaerimichi hitori kuchibue fuite

Namae sae yobenakute

Torawareta kokoro mitsumeteita yo

Suki da yo to iezu hatsukoi wa

Furikosaiku no kokoro

Kaze ni matta hanabira ga minamo wo midasu you ni

Ai to iu ji kaite mite wa

Furueteta ano goro

Asai yume dakara mune wo hanarenai 

First Love

The rains of early spring are emerald green

They make me so sorrowful, these afternoons alone

Falling in love, being lonely

These feelings that didn’t reach you burned inside

The first loves where you cannot say “I like you”

Are a deeply troubled heart

You were there, running in the schoolyard after school

I always looked for you there, from afar

It’s just a superficial dream, so it can never leave my heart

The glow of the sunset is the color of apricots

On the way home alone,

I whistle to myself

The only thing I can’t do is call out your name

I looked so intently at the heart so captivated by you, you know

The first loves where you cannot say “I like you”

Are a deeply troubled heart

Like a pool of water disturbed by flower petals blown by the wind

Trying to write the word “love”

I trembled, back then It’s just a superficial dream,

so it can never leave my heart

i remember i said the same thing to my friend, my dear funny friend when he talks to me. but for him i change The Godfather with Spiderman because i am sure that he didn’t watch The Godfather at least if he watch he doesn’t watch that movie like the way i do (he dislike old movies). so i think Spiderman is simple than Coppola’s The Godfather trilogy ….

when somebody talks to me and ask something, …. i kinda worried : am i a good listener, have i said something wrong? … because i tend to say something straight. ….. gomen if i can’t give you some good point ….


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