The Red Haired Yasu ….

i just read this and this one is make me happy today ……

ahahahha …… that red haired Yasu, is totally awesome just like he used to be … even i always demand that he would change his hair back to black again ….

my dear friend Piko_chan said : since when Yasu turns into MJ? …. hee MJ ? this MJ is not Michael Jackson, of course not …. except he use the MJ sunglases sometime and that suit him well ….

MJ here is Mary Jane Watson ….

they had the same red hair now, well okay i said that once : if Yasu is the pretty man then i am gonna be the handsome woman, so in this case : if he is MJ Watson now then i am gonna be the Spiderwoman ….

btw …. i dunno if Spiderwoman even exist or not, ….. maybe we can add her along with Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and Super Girl …. ahahahhaa ….

Yasu and Akihie …? why did he always after Akihide?, just like Daigo did on Real Love 2010 pv that shock me …. but indeed i am still buy the CD even i get The Bunny Love ….

this one is my fave ….. he always open his shirt at the end of the show that’s makes me love him more, i love to see his sixpacks ……

eventually there’s no more i can say about this Yasunori Hayashi but : Yasu Sarange …♥ ♥
again and again …

i don’t care even he isn’t black haired anymore … well he is still the same Yasu, maybe even he change his hair to green … just in case he wanted to try the Ogre haircolor  …… i am still gonna say

sarange, sarange, sarange ……..
i just can’t wait for the DVD released ……. hayaku hayaku ….!!!!


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