my treasures

yesterday i just finish re_arranging my collection, i call all of this my treasure. … see my home get renovated and chaos is everywhere including my room, my sanctuary. I never go out, i tend to just stay at home, watching dvd, some live music of my own or dorama for my nihongo lesson. hey i get some words ne …. Because i am learning some words in Nihongo, so i tend to listen well to every words on dorama even on some song lyrics that i listen to ….
then i just notice that :
ひらめき電球Yasu, my one and only Yasu tend to use this words on his music lyrics : … kiss wo shite, dakishimete, mou ichido, …

i dunno why i just keep listening to this song

well maybe because it is another non-stop asking song, yeah i tend to like that kind of song that full of endless question and the question is usually o answer for that …. watashi no dame na no, mou suki janai yo ? ….. ダウン am i not the only one, don’t you love me anymore? ….. there ‘s no answer for that question because the answer is just gonna lead to another question ….
ひらめき電球L’arc – en – ciel … in this case Hyde and Tetsuya for me they tend to use : sekai wa, yuki, anata …

is my fave song because this song is so Tetsuya and so summer. for me this song is a perfect song for a friendship song …..

ひらめき電球Glay …. they tend to use sagashiteru … my fave is when Teru duet with Hyde on JITB with Yuuwaku

hahahahha ….. Hyde looks very pretty with those glasses …. jihahahahaha …
ひらめき電球BREAKERZ , … in this case Daigo , he tends to use tashikani and yakusoku … ah ya recently he even had an interview with James Mac Avoy …that’s sugee ne …


back to my cleaning things ….. OMG dust is every where, then after i finish that i realized that i bought to much books and mangas that some of them i didn’t read … i dunno why … there’s a change on me , when i was in college the speed between me read and buys book and manga is the same …. even i read faster that buy … but now i buy faster than read …. so i just buy it … and there it is a lot of them …

my fave manga is DDS by seimaru amagi and fumiya sato, why? because they are the same one on Kindaichi …. i just love it … and QED is the math version, The Accident … Motoharou Kato sensei i jut love after read Dr. Koto. and all that Shonnen Star, some monthly manga

i even got this det. Conan figure from that monthly manga ….. this one sent for me from Japan they said, and i got two ne …. ahahahha, i know i am too old for these kind of things, but what else i can say i collect them from i was a little ….

this is the only poster on my room …. i put the Bunny Love because that is also a calender even it is just for half year, …. yeah you know if i want to have a full year calendar i should buy 2 single : Bunny Love and real Love 2010 …. yeah this kind of business ….

this is bookmarks that i collect from some movie magazine that i subscribed every moth and also from books that i bought …. all of them is my fave because every time i read a book i tend to use them than many other one :

-Saving private Ryan , … because it is my fave movie, i love Tom Hanks there and really hate Matt Damon, so with Lord of The Ring
-Edensor : because on the other part there’s a sentence from Arai one of the charcter who said : ” Bermimpilah karena Tuhan akan memeluk mimpi2 itu” which means : keep on dreamin’, because God’s gonna hold that dreams.
-Les Miserables, Bartemaeus trilogy, Mystic river, Sherlock Holmes because they are my fave books …
– the opera house .. is also my fave because my darling Piko gave me … that’s from Aussiee ….. arigatou nee Piko_chan

see i don’t have any JDA on my collection because my friend just download that for me ….. there’s only ABC and L’arc, VAMPS Tetsuya and BREAKERZ … about breakerz i dunno why i started to buy it well maybe because Daigo is Yasu’s brother? …..
i am only listen to some band … so sometimes when my friend talks about other band that i ever listen to like Gazzette, Diru or versailles or they tag me on Jrock meme …. then i have no clue for els but larc, jda, abc, vamps … etc ……

btw my friend just gave me this link , and OMG this one is so funny look he is so good as Justin Beiber ….

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