Tomodachi wa ….. (Sunao Club vs My Social Networks)

I just finished this dorama …. well i got this one about 4 months ago but i dunno why i just watch it yesterday, …. I wrote this note as comparison, yeah i always compare anything that i watch with my live and everything’s around me  …. i compare this one with my Geje Fams, … my friends on my social networks. one about social networks is we tend to linked to people who had the same thing with us, for example is the same school, hobby, activity …. etc. Well my social network linked me to many people with the same interest with. In this case is fandoms and j_music. Indeed i open my account on this Facebook, Twitter (i never get how to use Twitter as good as Facebook)  and many more is  because of this thing and also because President Obama use Facebook when he runs for president of USA …. ahahaha, that’s silly ne but i told you that’s totally right. ….


what about the same school factor? ahahaha …. i only put 5 or 6 of my college friends on my friend_list, some of them even ask to another “who is Noi Himura?” ….. OMG, they didn’t know me but still accept my friend request? …. nanda kore? I am always invisible for them, no wonder nobody knows me ….



i bet they gonna say who the hell is this? when they open my wall ….. **


okay back to the topic … this dorama Sunao Ni Narenakutte tells about a friendship via Twitter, there’s 5 people who get connected on Twitter. they talk each other, then be so close …. they use a user name  : Haru, Nakaji, Linda, Peach and Doctor …. they didn’t only tweets and support each other but also they help each other and yes they also worried for else who get into something just like what i feel right now.



There’s a scene where one of the character (Peach or Linda, i forgot …. damn i am always forget anything recently, should i upgrade my brain memory maybe they just lack of empties space?) … she/he said : why did we join this social networks and get involved on very deep? … because nobody wants to be lonely. I remember one of song lyrics that says “Sadness is beautifull, loneliness is tragical”  …. ah ya that’s from The Backstreet Boys song called The shape of My Heart .. everybody wanted somebody out there who always be there for them, even it just on virtual … i mean even they never see each other. …..



the 5 members on Sunao Club live in the same city, …. so they can meet each other on their fave cafe ….When all of them meet for the first time, …. i just can feel the sensation, how does it feels want to meet somebody that you feel so close to,  the curiosity and can’t stop ask in your heart : how does he/she looks like?, what if they don’t like me, what if we cannot talk just like the way we talk on internet? … and many more


i still remember feel all of that last October when fist time  i meet my online friends (in this case is My Geje Fams) , because they already come from their city to my city just to meet me? …. OMG than that questions is all over my brain …. this is the different between the Sunao club and my geje fams is the distance …. my friend Piko, Bunta and Mumu must take a night travel on train and Amel takes about 8 hours on bus just to meet me and tekki …. i was so flattered by that …



But thank God everything is okay … hey we did the same way on the internet : talks, made some silly jokes and laugh together and did a lot of fun together include karaoke and bus riding … i feel so happy that time, …


I get a lot of thing from this dorama, i mean from all the 5 characters … each of them ….:


– from Haru, i learn not to let go my dreams and be less selfish …



I think Haru (Juri Ueno looks so sweet here plus with her outfits) is the center from 5 of them with her Ganbarre thing that always make the other feels okay … (in this case Nakaji is) … she also be honest to all that even on twitter she is a sensei, the real is she only a temporal sensei because she fail at the exam to be a full time sensei. and then all of them also start to be honest about who they are : peach, she isn’t a stewardess, Doctor isn’t doctor, and Nakaji isn’t professional fotografer, he only assist the real pro one.


i think i am also want to be honest here, … see i always said that i am a vampire, a lady vampire from trasylvania ,… etc etc and many more but minna …. i am gonna be honest to all of you now that for real i am not a vampire , …..



actually this Noi Himura is a Wonder Woman …… !!!!! jiahahhaha ….. *get kicked by everyone*


if Haru’s dream is for being a teacher, well my dreams isn’t too far from her … my dreams is to make my mom happy and stop worrying about me …. by what ? … being a government officer and learn again for my next year exam  … i get bored on this test because i am already fail for the 3 times, can you imagine that? ….. but after i see how Haru still go to her exam again after failed, … yeah think i am gonna do just like him …. there’s a chance for me even a little bit ….


my friend, i mean my social networks friends (i don’t have many friends on my real live it just my office mate, my schoolmate? i don’t have it because me is a type of student that nobody will see, … in another words is invicible) say ganbarre to me when i go to my last exam …. and when i failed again they still say it is okay you can try again next year … at that time i feel so stupid and useless ….


be less selfish, where Haru decided to be a good friend for Nakaji after she realized that Nakaji doesn’t feel the same with her. she said that be his side and always be there every time he needs her is more than enough …..


– from Nakaji i learn his kind an affections …



Nakaji is a typical man who always be the happy one, he cheer up every body and so easy to feel guilty about something happen. he regrets a lot about what happen to Linda …. I like how he reacts when he found out that Linda is a gay and in love with him, …. when Linda ask him : are you disgust me now? … mostly peoples tend to stay away from their gay friend, and they just stay away more if they found out that their gay friend is had a crush on them.



But Nakaji did great with Linda …. still beside him as a friend, made him promise not to die  and even cry for him when Linda is dying ….


– from Linda i learn that giving is better than asking …



Linda is like their personal uncle long legs ….Linda always be there and help all of them … he goes to hospital with Peach, helps Doctor with his salesman points, and helps nakaji with all his photo (even he gets molested by his sacchou because of that, … can you imagine he is a gay but he must sleep with her?)  What he feels about Nakaji and how he really wanted to be near with him, how he feels sad when he saw Nakaji and Haru together. at the hospital he even told Haru that he loves Nakaji … and Haru just say : shou …. … i just love that scene ….


– from Doctor, i learn how to let go something …..



he loves Haru but he knows that Haru doesn’t love him even Haru say yes when he ask her to join him to go to Korea to meet his parents … but he finally understand that his love is a selfish love ….


-from Peach, i learn how to be a good listener



she is a god listener, she is the one who found out that Linda is a gay because at their first meeting they go to love hotel and Linda just can’t do that ….. she also listen to what Haru feels about Nakaji that she wanted to be with Nakaji even just as a friend …


for me this dorama is awesome, so minna to all of you who hasn’t watch this you better watch ne … you’ll find a lot of things and the important things is you will found out that you are not alone …. yes right this social networks made me feel not alone because i have so many friends out there …


i made this not isn’t only for my geje fams but also to all my friends that always keep connect with me and share anything with me movies, books, music and share …. and many more you know who you are …

my Black Cherry sista, ahahahhaha ….. who always make me wanted to rolling2 to Mexico and Osaka, to all whom i share my craziness about this man ….



so minna i am gonna say this one just like Haru said : atashi no tameni itsumo arigatou gozaimassu ….. sarange  ♥♥

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