who’s the fool ? …. (noi vs BC)

o yeah that my BC my fave things beside yasu’s stuffs, i used him for anything phone, emailing, texting, listening my fave song at work (because i dunno why i just work and think better with my headphone is on and listening to my fave music …. it’s male ne. I always call him BC for Black Cherry because :

チョキ he isn’t Blackberry, because i dunno how to used Blackberry, it’s makes me confuse … *or maybe because i am to stupid?*

メラメラ well Cherry and Berry , they still relatives ne …. *get dumped*

爆弾 what else but because of him ….


with all the ABC things all my mind now but my most wanted is this one …..

… finally i think i am gonna ask to all my friend who watch that live and ask them hey where were you that time …. i am gonna find you ne



credit to my friend prologue_end for share this beautiful pics
and yes there’s the cover : that’s Jacket A that i ordered even yes i do like the Jacket B cover more …. so can i just have the Jacket a but with the Jacket B cover please ….? 

this december is a very very long December ….. i think i am gonna say my magic spell again here :
Ya Hyde, Yasu, Yamapi … please make january come right away onegaiii …… !!!!

back to my BC again, well i have my BC for almost a year …. and guest what, i just found out how to use it more 2 days ago …. i mean use it more. i just use it to open my FB i think he only able to do that because there’s only Facebook application there … but hey this my dear BC is a smart phone ne, … btw it is not a phone, .. it is a mobile windows ne ….

2 days ago my one of my friend on my movie community that i joined made an announcement that he is not gonna active more in Facebookj, and he said that he’s gonna mopve on twitter …. hee what the? … i dunno how to tweets as good as i am on Facebook … but then i tried to open Twitter using my BC …
then viola …! it works … i can tweet with BC …. …

the next day i found again that i can open my Mobypic using him (read : BC)

and also can open my journal …. OMG i dunno if he is so smart ne , …. i used to call him my stupid Black Cherry … now i just found out who is the baka one … yeah that’s me …. about me and my BC is ….

a smart phone for a stupid bitch ….. jiahahahaha …. *shameless*

so start from today this Noi Himura is gonna be Mobile …. just Mobile ne ….. njaa ne minna CU when I CU


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