yes Yasu, you are amazing …. (bye bye KAZ)

OMG today i am so happy after so much trouble on yesterday ….. ahahahahaha,

叫び i just open my moby ….. and yay, i see this lovely purikura of 2 man of my dream together on VAMPS_BEAST’s moby …. …..

then i just say …. yay, finally Yasu wins … he got Hyde …. i always wanted to see them together. Yasu as Hyde’s number one fanboy also wanted to made a purikura with his God, Hyde …. i remember he said that Hyde is his perfect image of a superstar ….

that picture is my fave pictures of Hyde with others …. i also like this one Hyde with his body guard Yuki on Vamps vs Android … ahahahhahaha …. *get punch by Yukihiro* … well he always in silence just like a bodyguard …..

nah see Hyde looks so cute and see how he enjoy hug Yuki from back and surprised him, it seems like he whispered : ” hey, i finally got you ne Yuki …”

叫び and today i also read another Yasu’s interview translation : where he talks about Shinkansen, his trip to Tokyo, and about a new song …. thanks to my dear friend Kiku_Kamimura who always translate everything about Yasu, his works and what he said …

the way he sees himself same as the other members or staffs … and he knows that everyone works hard ….. on the shinkansen he’s not on 1st class because he think why do we have to travel differently if we want to go to the same place at the same time? …. also he feels better on a regular class because he can talks to other …. OMG he is so modest right? because usually another stars would stay in the 1st class and got busy with their PC or phone but he is totally different ….

i mean for a j_rocks star on his level choose the regular class just to have some talks? …. ahahahhaha OMG i dunno anything about this guy and by finding this make me feel somebody just gave me a present , …..

i never knew that he also plays guitar, even he plays all the instruments all by himself for a demo tape, …. i never imagine if he perform on stage with guitar just like Hyde on VAMPS …. he said : yeah i can play that but not performing …..

i get surprised again (thank God i have a healthy heart, so it doesn’t matter for get so many surprise) …. how he really enjoy talking, he has so many stories … that makes me want to talk to him, maybe have some chit chat with a glass of tea or coffee ….? (i dunno he is a tea or coffee person, maybe both ….?)
that’s gonna be a lovely talking …..合格

there’s only one i am gonna say about him ….. : yes yasu_kun, .you are amazing ….ラブラブ恋の矢

PS : yasu_kun …. OMG it sounds sweet, and i want him to call me noi_chan just like on dorama where the girl call her boyfriend with ….._kun and the boy call his girlfriend with …_chan …. yay 合格


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