I am officially crazy for this guy …..

it is 4 am in the morning and i can’t sleep …..

just i read another Kiku ‘s translation for BLACK BOX …. i use my BC to read that, it is a very long post but it is so worthy to read. Thanks to her now i know him better than before.

i read that while watching Mariah Carey Christmas live even on cable, …. the ending part when she perform that song, a song that played everywhere on Christmas :


the show is over and i started to cry …. reading that, …. you are not believe it right? but that’s true i keep crying and i dunno how to stop it, the TV start to play Ave Maria …. and i cry again and again ….

i’ve cried once for my Hatsukoi who dump me for a dentist and now for crying for this guy? ….. the one who will never know about it, yes i think i am crazy …. …. btw this is not the 1st time i am did this, as i remember this is my 4rd time for crying for him …..

しょぼん i am crying when i heard about his sickness, Leena (she is the Acid Black Cherry group creator on Facebook) send a mass message …. and i just crying …. and asking is he okay? …. what if he stop singing … etc etc and many more …. and thank God it is over.

しょぼん on my last birthday April 9th i read again Kiku’s post about his comin back with Re:Birth … i cried again, but this one is a happiness cry …. he is back and he is okay …. for me that is my most awesome birthday gift for me (let’s just say from him) …

しょぼん when i watch QED live DVD …. i cried again when i watch him crying …. that is the fist time i saw him like that, the man who always funny and happy all the time now is crying …. i keep saying please don’t cry ….

…. but hey he is not a superman, he is just an ordinary man and this time he needs to cry ….
i am sure that’s hurt for crying but in silence ….

しょぼん and then now the 4th time i am crying by reading his story …..

what happen with me? ….. there’s o other explanation but this : yes i am officially crazy for this man …. and this fangirl_ism thing is success drag me until this point …..

who is he ?


ano hito namae wa Hayashi Yasunori ….. yes that’s him ….. and now what should i do? ….. i dunno …

errr …. i think i am gonna cry again if my Re:Birth dvd live is arrived ….. but i am sure it is gonna be a happy cry …. so happy until crying ….


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