Noi Himura Vs Iron Man ….

yay …… !!!!!むかっ爆弾

i just got my cable tv, … i never watch television. as i remember i watch TV about one or two years ago. all this time i only use my TV for watching DVD. why? because all the drama (we called it sinetron is silly and so stupid) . i always think if i watch to many of it i get stupid just like them (the main character, all of them is stupid)

Why did i put cable when i never watch TV? …. that’s because i want to watch L’arc en Ciel’s new year perform on NHK ….. ahahahaha, so i pick the cheap package that they offer and add one channel NHK .

see …. finally i have that NHK i watch Music Japanand get shocked … OMG why there’s a lot of girlbands, …. and i watch Flumpool …. ahahahaha this is the first time i watch Flumpool on TV not in the DVD, Ryuuta_kun he looks chubby and …. eerrr chotto the drummer Seiji he cuts his hair? …. 叫び
Ryuuta_kun sing very well … i love his voice, …

so this new year eve i wanna spent it on my room waiting for Hydeon MJ , but where the hell is Yasu? what he’s doing on new years? with his Sixth Sense live (no Akihide there) ? ….. yuhuuu Yasu_kun, where are you?

he is cute on red anyway, …. i love when he laugh like that …. what a happy man he is

i don’t like going out actually, so here i am ow from never watch TV to TV junkies …. i watch TV until midnight and i am late in the morning …… ショック!
i am late for an hour, ad the bad news is i can’t find my cloth, ….. then i just use this one, …. it isn’t ironed yet , i am totally screwed …..

see the wrinkles? …. i should change but i am late , …. where the hell is Iron Man anyway? he should ironing this one for me …. maybe he is too busy saving the world and human race he forgot his main job is ironing my cloths ……. jiahahahahha. *buried alive by Tony Stark*

then i just go with that un_ironing black and white outfit because i am not going anywhere today and i only have one appointment i my office … yay, they not gonna see that wrinkles if i just sit at my desk and talks and put some jacket …

again and again i only got 2 colors for all my office outfits … black and white …. I cancel to go to bank an i just took the money via ATM …. i hate if have to take money from ATM, i have to push so many button over and over …. because the maximum transaction is 2 millions, …. so if i have to take 10 millions i have to do that 5 times.just imagine doing that for 5 times while counting the money in the morning and you are late ….?

it just like you are running from a mad dog while put your shirt button up ….. … so who i should blame ? i only got him (read : Iron Man) to blame because he forgot his main job …..

see アップアップ he must be feel so sorry about my cloths today ….. kyaaaa Yasu, tatsukete ….!!! …. *got kicked to mars*


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