A Lie … (Yasashi Uso?)

i just watch this serial yesterday even i am already watch this one on TV but i miss the earlier one, so i start again watching the DVD from first. Lie To Me is about a doctor (played by Tim Roth) who spent 20 years experiment on many countries to study human facial expressions. he said that there are more than 80,000 facial expression on human face, from that we able to find out whether a person is lying or telling the truth …. so we don’t need a lie detector anymore ….

so the question is Lies or Truth? ….. ah i remember this one, my fave Lies and Truth live performance on L’arc 15 anniversary …. Hyde looks awesome with that suite and that hat , my vampire look Hyde …. i love Hyde ♥ ♥

アップ Lies and Truth mienakutte Kimi ga …

he is Dr. Cal Lightman who studied about the human facial expression and he open a firm and work with FBI, ATF and the government to help them identify a lie on a case …. Dr. Lightman with his knowledge about lies thing makes him tend to read everybody around him and that makes him annoying sometimes, well almost time he is annoying. Even his daughter said : i am not gonna lie to you because you will found that and stop making me as your experience …..

he is a weird man there’s one episode where they have to deal with some threats on The South Korean ambassador, makes them have to be at the wedding party, Gillian say that she always lo it but not him. he said :

Wedding is another celebration of pretending : the bride pretend  she is still virgin, the groom pretend if he is already find the one, and both of the bride and groom’s parents pretend to like each other ….

OMG he is so weird, he is divorced anyway …

so there’s Gillian Foster as his partner, she is the one who always beside him , ad she loves to eat. … she always eat when she is on her office and with Cal …. here’s one of my fave dialogue between her and Cal
Cal : what’s that?
Gil  : it is chocolate pudding …
Cal : who the hell is going to eat a chocolate pudding on 10 am?
Gil  : someone who love chocolate pudding ….

ahahah … that makes Cal on silence, and yeah she always able to make him silence, …… . In this series there’s also another character who also able to read someone’s facial expression , i forgot her name but Dr. Lightman used to call her natural ….

she got that natural talent because her father abuse her since she was a child, and she did that bye look for his father face wondering what his father is : angry, sad, happy or wanted to slap her …..  beside her there’s a man who always tend to say the truth …. there’s o lie on him, and his habit makes him on a trouble sometimes …

Dr. Lightman even he had this ability for knowing a lies or truth, he didn’t use that 100% on his live, …. when he look at Gillian and her husband talking, he know if Gill’s husband is a liar and he cheat on him …. He choose not to say something to her because he thinks that’s not the best way, she found out herself eventually …..

What about me? …. i made lie sometimes, …. because that’s the part of our life why? because live isn’t always about black or white and right or wrong, did you know there’s also something we call a white lie, a lie that we made for good point … ….   or this one ….

i love this song so much and the lyrics is so sad and devastated …… i use to read this song lyrics translation over and over again while wondering who/what  was on his mind while he wrote this lyrics …. and the PV make it more sad …..  makes me cry? yes it is …..

Translation :

I loved you…and that gentle voice, too
I loved you…and your slightly wavy hair
I loved you…and your chestnut-colored eyes
I love you…even now, I still love you

When I close my eyes, you’re laughing
Just like that day, I want to pull you close
Those beautifully happy times are over
Even looking back, you’re not there

Those wounds that consumed me are still hurting
Your tender voice echoing, even now
Please, let me cry a little
“Goodbye” to the one I loved more than any other

I loved you…the one who cried more easily than anyone
I loved you…pouting when I got up to my old tricks
I loved you…your willful, blazing jealousy
I love you…even though I loved you like that, too

Saying “I hate you so much”, you’re laughing
When we embraced, you became dear to me
Even at those times, with your usual tenderness
You gave me a kiss

Even so, I got used to ‘love’
Taking your tender lies for granted
Still so selfish
I abandoned you and left you all alone

That day, you held back your tears
I hate you…I really hate you, you said, pulling me into a trembling embrace
Even though I knew it was a lie
In my dishonesty I pretended I didn’t notice that at all

You said it, that final lie
You shed them, those last tears
I told you it was over, before dawn
Outside the window, the cold rain

That day, you held back your tears
I hate you…I really hate you, you said, pulling me into a trembling embrace
Even though I knew it was a lie
In my dishonesty I pretended I didn’t notice that at all

These wounds that consumed me are still hurting
Since these will be my last tears for you
Please, let me cry, just for today
“Goodbye” to the one I loved more than any other

credit to : Jpopasia

but a lie is still a lie no matter what we called it : white lie or yasashi uso …….   btw the topic is Lie to Me …. it is kind of order right ? …. so here i am i am gonna lie to all of you ne , ready?
Hello my name is Noi, Noi Hayashi and i am married to Yasu …..
jajajajajjaja …… グーグー ビックリマーク*runs before got punch from everybody*


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