Depp is so Hyde or Hyde is so Depp?

Remember when i post about my Bucket List? …. one of it was i wanna have fun a lot and work less, That’s mean walking arraund from mall to mall, have some hair treatment on a beauty salon, watch two movies in one day, buy a lot of food and shoes … I love shoes just like my mom, my drama queen mommy …

2 days ago i take one day off to do that, because only one day so i can’t go far, just go to mall, I love mall, me when i am on mall the time is stop running. so for me mall is a timeless place

OMG imagine if i am bold just like Lex Luthor, you know the villain on Smalville, but i love him i dunno why i am a villain lover, For example on Spiderman movies i tend to like Green Goblin Jr, than Peter Parker, …

i spent almost 2 hours there for my hair treatment, and she (the kapster) massage me for almost an hour, OMG and honestly i feel un_comfort with this kind a massage ….. because i hate when somebody else touching me …. and this one is over and over (it is okay for head but not the other) …..

that’s me (Hyde’s fangirl who accidentally in love with his number one fanboy named Hayashi Yasunori) and Tekki (Hyde’s fanboy) …… and of course my Yasu looks hair , … i don’t care if my friends call me Sadako, Tekki did that … *bite Tekki* … but for me this hair my Yasu looks hair …..why? because i love Yasu and he loves me … wekekekekek パンチ!

i found this sweet one … but hey there’s 2 : brown and black …… and i choose the black one, i dunno why i always feel comfort only when i wear black and white …. and not foget to pick up this one from Samsung gallery because i am already said to him last month : be patient ne i am gonna pick you next month, well promise is a promise right?

it is not pink in the end … it is blue and i am gonna call it my Blue Berry (my BB) ….. then eat something or many things? … i love food and chocolate …..

i put all of that on my bag, because they (the cinema) didn’t allow us to bring food from out, so we have to buy all snack from their food court, and sometimes i just bring some food or drink from outside on my bag because i am bored with their menu ….but for that chocolate and nachos i bought it from inside, so here i am smuggling food on cinema ……

i always brought a lot of snack when i watch movie on cinema because eating stop me from sleeping on cinema, if i didn’t eat instead i am watching movie, the movie is the one who is gonna watch me sleeping …..
so the question is : what did you do on cinema ?

a. watching movie while eating
b take a photo (just like me)
c. sleeping (just like what this nemuri hime (read : me) did

we’re gonna watch 2 movies : Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie’s movie The Tourist and Jack Black and Emily Blunt’s Guilliver’s Travel …… and i am gonna tell you only The Tourist, why? because i am sleeping when i watch Guilliver’s Travel …. i forgot how long i was sleeping but one thing i remember when i wake up Jack Black is already singing and dancing with the Liliput ….

This movie is another awesome movie from Johnny Deep and Angelina Jolie , …. at the first time they are not the one who is gonna play that, but Tom Cruise. and i am glad when they cancel Tom and change him with Johnny Deep. Johnny accept this movie maybe because he wanted to refreshing out from Carribean and and decided to travel to Venice meet Angelina Jolie who also get tired of her job as CIA agent on SALT ….

Angelina Jolie as  Elise Wards an agent who disapeare from her boss ( Timothy Dalton, the James Bond …ドンッ) because she is in love with a modern Robin Hood named Alexander. Alexander stole money from a Rusian mob and he just go away leaving her with all the problem following his runway : Russian mob, including with SAS … because Alexander didn’t pay his tax for 744 million dollars …..

One day, Alexander write her a letter told her to take a trip to Venice by train and find a man who she thinks resemble to him. and she choose Frank Tipp (Depp) n American a math school teacher who is traveling to France and Venice, …. then their adventure is begin …..

I am not gonna tell you the story because you gotta watch this movie by yourself, but the point of this movie is about how you accept someone you love who ever he is, just like Elise mother said to her about Janus (he is Greeks Good) … who has two face side : devil and angel side. everybody has their own devil side so if we really love somebody we have to take him 100% both angel and devil side of him …..

i saw Hyde’s Devil side and where’s Yasu’s devil side? …..

aaaahhhh …. that one is a very cute devil ….. kyaaa i am on fire ….. !!!!!

there you are when ever i watch Johnny i watch Hyde ,,,,, i dunno what to say but that’s makes me ask one question :

OMG Deep is so Hyde or Hyde is so Deep ? …. i think i saw Hyde everywhere

the movie ends with Stralight by Muse …..

listen to the bass, …. and the lyrics is so great …. i always love listen to a song with a lyrics about stars, spaceship, … just like  Lost in Space by Lighthouse Family ….

“far away, this ship is take me far away … far away from memories of the people who care if i live or die  …..”


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