AKB Invasion on Cherrybean … (to late to save him ne)

just open my ameba and Shuse post this one ….. on their Sixth Sense live …..



see here’s what i am gonna say : i am a stalker now because of him ….. why? because i have to search him on his friends social networks ….. if only he make his own i think that would be easy for me because i only stay on to his blog or other social networks ….

i am the one who get used to see Yasu with his black and white outfit … and now watching him like this i just like ….

eeeehhh yasu on red (he should be on red carpet) … he is more colorful now …. but i read about ” The AKB look ” ….. ah ya after BRZ48 now ABC48? ….. ….

but OMG yeah i saw AKB looks on them, Yasunori Hayasi my Pirate of Cherrybean got infected by AKB virus ….. kyaaaa what the hell is happen AKB is everywhere, their invasion on Cherrybean is already started ……

arienaii ……. *save Yasu to Mars*


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