My Black Cherry Sista (me, Freena and Vale_chan)

that’s Freena, me and Vale_chan …. and we are The Black Cherry Sista …. yay …!!!!

a photo made by Freena after i tagged her on my noi love hyde photo yesterday , …. what can i say about them is they are lovely, …. they are my friends on Facebook, ….we meet each other because all of us on Acid Black Cherry group on Facebook …..

what make them are so close to me is :

1. all of us are lost in this fangirilsm world …. and we love Yasu, and have the same long hair like Yasu …

2. we love to talk about him everyday on Facebook

3. we dunno how to use Twitter, so when there’s a rumors that they (i dunno who they are) gonna close Facebook, we’re just …. eeeh then what about us ne? ….. then we decided to learn how to use twitter more than just follow and un_follow ….

ah ya i am gonna say something about twitter : …. i hate twitter because i dunno how to use it as good as i use facebook and because many of my friends start to move to twitter and leaving me …. makes me hate twitter more and more ….. shitttt …!!!!!

3. both of them is from Mexico, so i eat a lot of nachos to add my Mexican blood level as them ….

nachos to add my Mexican blood level, takoyaki and okonomiyaki to add my Osakan blood level ima demo all of you can imagine the mess on my blood, they are so busy for running Osaka – Mexico over and over

wekekekekeke ….. (^_^)

Freena and her Vegeta_sama,

i know a little bit about Vegeta_sama because i am also read Dragon Ball, even not as much as Freena …

me and Hyde

and Vale_chan with Kai ….. here’s the funny thing, i dunno much about Gazzette, but Vale_chan loves Gazzete so much she did give me link to their PV and i am start to listen to them

and when i bought this magazine, there also Gazzette there, i wanted to scan Kai for Vale_chan but then i realize i dunno which one is Kai ….. all of them look the same …. OMG i think i am too old for this kind a visual_kei bands …. then i ask to her :

“nee vale_chan wich one is your husband Kai?” …… wekekekke …. *shamless noi* …. and yeah in the end i didn’t scan Kai but i just take a picture of him with my BC …… Gomen ne Vale_chan,

but the weird thing is even we adore Yasu so much but non of us have the picture of us with Yasu’s poster ….. what the …. sorry Yasu, we’ll find out how to be with you via Photosop ….. … but there’s one thing :

I dunno how to use PS (read : Photoshop) … the one and only PS than i can use well is Play Station …
wekekekekeke ….. *laugh with Yasu on Mars*


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