Noi Himura vs John Coffee (Yasu いつもかわいいです) …

kyaaaaaaa …………..

today is my bad day, totally a very bad day, and it is not Friday …. my boss just come when i as take nap on mosque after my day pray, and he just did that again the stupid meeting i hate meeting at 2 pm …. it is so boring and i am sleepy

… imagine if somebody suddenly wake you ….. you are gonna feel what i feel, i am screwed … it’s like i only got 45% of my soul and the 55% left there on the wonderland help Alice survive there …. i don’t get what he said on that meeting at all , … and when he ask me about something all i can do is ….. eeeeh? ….. i am blank 100%

the bad isn’t stop only there, the worst is comin … the meeting over at 17:00 pm and i missed my last bus …. but there’s another bus, this one isn’t the usual bus i took everyday … but it is already late i just get in there …. i am the last person on that bus … and again i knew this is gonna happen i got dumped by the bus driver …. he said that he cannot drive me until my next stop to my next bus to go home.

i am alone on street, …. i pissed off and i said ssshhhhhhiiiittttttttt many time to them for dump me in the middle of nowhere, … all i can do is walking to my next bus stop, …. i am so miserable , … i walk alone for almost half hour while listening to my mp3 from BC, my legs hurt because my heels it feels like all Indian Police on Hindustan movie beat me with their stick for my pervy brain and i am thirsty … ….

as i walk alone there i feel like i am John Coffee walking on Green Mile walk to his death penalty, … For those of you who didn’t know who is John Coffee, he is one character on Tom Hanks’s movie called The Green Mile, … a story about live of a warden, but this one, he works on a special cell for a death penalty convict. … this is one of my fave movie not just because this one is Tom Hanks movie but the story is very touching, what i got from this movie is : Don’t judge the book by the cover , because ocean is deep but more deep again is human heart. you gotta watch this movie ne ….


so that time i am John Coffee, but the different is if  John Coffee walk his Green Mile, i dunno what or how much mile i walked.  everybody’s look at me i think they whispering  each other :  who the hell is she? is he lost? …  yeah i am alien who get lost on earth, damn i should stay on Mars.

before i get on my next bus, i went to supermarket buy some iced tea and a bar of chocolate, … the weird thing is i am okay now after eat the chocolate and drink iced tea, …. that’s so easy to calm me down …. but i stil remember the driver , tomorrow if i meet him again i am sure i am gonna say something to him

because today again is the release date and the next day is Yasu_day i think i better read the Bahama Spell Magic again  :  …..

“Ya_Hyde, Yasu, Yamapi  ….  make  my dvd arrived tomorrow home (or office?) onegaii …!!

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