To Yasu, with Love

This is 5:00 am in the morning and i just woke up,  Actually i want to post this one on midnight, ….. but i fall asleep last night. …. here’s what i wanna  say (read : give) to him ….. What is the best present for him but me and Hyde? …… wekekekekeke ……..

PS : if you hate this kind of joke, well don’t read ……



Title : Text Message to Yasu
Setting : Beauty Salon
Pairing : me and Hyde 


Hyde  :   “nee, noi_chan what take you so long ne? …. i’ve been waiting for hours”
noi      :  “gomen ne Hyde_san, you know that’s because my hair is longer than yours so i need more time ”
Hyde  :   “btw , ….. what’s that?” …. *poin to a tiny paper in my hand*
noi      :   “this is the bill, go pay for that” …… *while giving the bill*
Hyde  :   “eeehhh , ….. i have to pay? ”
noi      :   “yes, you are …. because right now i don’t have a Mars dollars to pay, ….. hello, i am moving with you in Mars now just in case you forget  “….
Hyde  :    okay ……

*after deal the hair treatment bill*

noi      :   what are you doing?
Hyde  :   Sending a text message to Yasu_kun, ….. today is January 27th, his birthday ……
noi      :    ah ya ….. i almost forget about that  *crossfinger* ……..  i’ll text him to …..
Hyde  :    let’s take a picture of us as a present for him ……. ready, say ….. chuuuuuuu

noi      :    eerrr chotto, why my message keep failed? …….. *while look to Hyde’s phone*
Hyde   :    ah ya he change his number …… don’t you know that?
noi      :     no, why didn’t you tell me?
Hyde  :     he is my fanboy anyway, not yours …. so he would choose me instead of you …..
noi      :     then tell me his new numbers …… onegaii …
Hyde  :     no this one is a secret, ….  i’ll text him …..
noi      :     what about me?
Hyde  :     ah you can do that on your blog, ….  like you always did, …. okay lets go home now …..
noi      :    ewwww ……… 叫び



so, because i don’t have his phone number and also Hyde wouldn’t tell me i’ll just write here ….. but what do i have to write? ….. i am already wrote everything on my letter and gift that i send him last new year …..?

i only remember this one a song lyrics called To Sir, with Love from Glee that i watched last night  ….

音譜if you wanted the moon,
i would try to make a start.
but I, would rather you let me give my heart
To sir, with Love  ….. 音譜



and last but not least :

Happy Bithday Yasu, …… stay genki, sexy,  i wish you a thousand splendid happiness this year and years after and all the best for you ….. thanks for everything …..



To Yasu, with Love
noi and Hyde

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