American Idol vs Bahama’s Fandom Idol …. (お誕生日おめでとうございます Hyde ^-^)’


This January one of my cable just aired American Idol 10, and i just love this 10th season, ….. the different judges, there’s Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, …. and i love them, i mean i watch MTV a lot when i was junior high, and i grown up with their music, JLo a.k.a Jenny from the block and Steven Tyler with Aerosmith ……

They say a different reason  why they  took this judge assignment, Steven said because of he love music, on the other hand Jlo  said she never want to crush somebody spirit. and i enjoy watch them together with Randy Jackson.

i get they different “straight to the point” from  mr. Tyler the straight but still nice, he is screaming and sometimes sing along with a contestant, and say i love you to some attractive female contestant, awww he is a real ladies man  …. and i love it ….

he is old, but still rock …..

there’s two episode where he meets his fangirl on Milwaukee, at the first time she (the contestant) enter the audition room, he already said :

Mr. Tyler   : OMG i think you are one of my groupies, and i love your outfit …..
the girl      :  yes i am, …. i listen to  Aerosmith since i was a little …. *she cried*
Mr. Tyler   :  waw , that’s great, …. so tell me something about you ….
the girl      :  about me …..? … i love you ….. *wtf*
Mr. Tyler   :  thank you and i love you to, so what song you are gonna sing?

then she sing one Beatles song, ….. and then suddenly Randy and Jlo ask her to sing one of Aerosmith, ….. ad she said ehe love to sig Dream On, but she ever able to do the ending … (the screaming), then randy said : it’s okay Steven’s gonna sing that part …..
and there it is the fangirl singing together with his idol …..  OMG that’s so overwhelming , ……

and the other day he meet his fangirl’s mother …. (can you imagine that?) …..  there’s a contestant who came along with his mother, and when he got the yellow ticket to Hollywood, she said to Steven if her mother is one of Steven’s fans, …. so she just take her to meet him …. and the best part is the mother watched her daughter sing together with his idol one of her fave song :

I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing, …. this one is one of my fave to from Aerosmith beside Jaded, ….  and i think Mr. Tyler wrote this song to his daughters Mia and Liv …. listen to the lyrics : “Lie in close to you, just to hear you’re breathing, watch your smile when you are sleeping wondering what’s you’re dreaming ….” show how much he really don’t wanna miss even one thing about them ….

what a dream come true for a fangirl/fanboy  if they able to sing together with his idol or at least watching him sing for them, just like what they got on last night American Idol i watched. and who else but Hyde’s number one fanboy (Yasu) who get his dream perform together on one stage with him  …..


on this fandom world there should  an idol for us …. i imagine if i join some idol (let’s just said fadom idol) and Hyde is the judge, …. what, what i am gonna sing …. BLESS, or Hitomi no Jyuunin? ….. and when if he ask me to tell him something about me, i am sure i am gona be nervous and what else i can say but : …..

I love you Hyde …. !!!!

and after i sing …. i am sure

he’s gonna say  :  sorry, even you love me but my answer is no,  you are not going to Bahama …..
me                        :  nande ….?
hyde                      :  your voice make me dizzyy ….. ouch my ears, that’s disaster  ….
me                        :  okay then, i’ll practice more …. and wait for me next year will you?
hyde                     :   hmmmm , …. and one more thing, you better learn how to swim to, because i can’t take you to Bahama if you still can’t swim, …. and for this moment i only take KAZ with me ….
me                        :    oh no …… >0<  …

i wrote this one because today is January 29th, Hyde’s birthday, he is 42 now …. and still hot and sexy …. he is still the best, the pretty Hyde …  he gets old yes , but i am sure he is gonna still sexy, hot and rock … like Mr. Tyler ….

お誕生日おめでとうございます Hyde, ….  stay genki, sexy and i wish you all the best, and take me to Bahama with you onegaii  ….!!!!

eeetttoo ….. Bahama or Mars? ……



6 thoughts on “American Idol vs Bahama’s Fandom Idol …. (お誕生日おめでとうございます Hyde ^-^)’

  1. hiks,…
    it’s me, futsu from bakahime T.T *terharu liat blogroll ada namanya* thank you 🙂
    setelah sekian lama hiatus akhirnya saya balik juga.. masih agak kagok ngeblog lagi, jadi yoroshiku ne..

    oh, hyde.. i don’t even know what to say about him.. he’s just so.. *sigh* so hyde.

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