Yasu, please be genki ….

while downloading BREAKERZ WISH02 live i just saw this one from Acid Black Cherry Official Website , …. they just show cover single for Shojo no Inori III …..

i just say : OMG his hair is back to black ….. yay !!!あせる but then after i look at the photo again and again …. hueee it is not black but it was dark brown … This cover is quite simple for me but it looks great, Yasu and his “wondering/thinking” face with the necklace he always wear …..

Yukki said from the tweeting boys (Junji, Shuse, and Yukki … from they we all know what he’s doing right now or about his latest news)’s tweet if they are start to shoot the PV and rehearsal for something … i dunno ….

Yasu is kinda busy this year, well he promise he is going to work harder than last year on Sixth Sense Live , , ….. i remember from his first comeback :

– Recreation2 album

– Re:Birth single

– Re:Birth Live

– Join Hyde on Vamps Halloween Party

– Stop Drunk Driving (SDD) Project

– The Sixth Sense Live

– and this one Shojo no Inori III

he is working hard now to make another list for me to wait and makes me happy, …… I am happy and there’s only one i wanted to say to him is :

nee Ya_san, …. just stay genki please ….!!!!!

because i want him to be genki, this song fits for tonight : Genki by BANDAGE _  Akanishi Jin



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