BREAKERZ : 月夜の悪戯の魔法/CLIMBER X CLIMBER Single …. (another me, yasu and BRZ)

this one just arrived today,   and tonight i am doing my work while listen to this , hell yeah i have alot of work to do tonight …..

i got the 月夜の悪戯の魔法 PV and offshoot ….. honestly i forgot which one i ordered ….  and now i wanna see the Arigatou ~ Beautifull Day PV …..  i wanna see Shinpei and Akihide singing …

and i got Shinpei ….. actually i hope it’s gonna be the traditionally sexy Akihide but …. well it was fine ne ….

but see the red envelope with the wish skull ….? OMG i love it it makes me feel the 3 of them (DAIGO, Akihide and Shinpei) gave me ang pao (red envelope with money within) because they missed to gave me that on last Chinesse new Year …..

Akihide      : eehh Daigo, did you gave her ang pao?
Daigo          :  no, of course no … you Shinpei ? …
Shinpei      :  no no i am not ….
noi               : hey boys relax … that’s just on my mind … yeah i know impossible for 3 of you for giving me ang pao on chinesse new year because none of 3 of you are married …. nah somebody who is still unmarried is not supposed to give ang pao even they rich and have a lot of money just like  all of you you ….
the boys    : hufff …..  what the … *look at yasu*

yasu   :  just ignore her ….., nee noi_chan you better finish your work now
noi      : aish ….. okay …. *back to work*


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