Acid Black Cherry 蝶 : A Story About Butterfly and Spider ….. (another me, yasu and Mr. Friday)

it’s already 01:00 am  and i can’t sleep, ….  btw since when i start to be a night person? … i eat, work, watching TV after midnight when everybody sleep, …. OMG i start to be a vampire, ….  but the vegetarian one,  because this vampire don’t drink blood ….

in this  sleepless night , i listen to this pre_listening song  : Acid Black Cherry 蝶 again and again and  OMG ya_san, why did you do this to me ….?  Oh no, no  …..

yasu    :   do what  ….?
noi       :   uwaaaaa …..
yasu    :   ah come on noi_chan, don’t start again ….

noi       :   i am sorry but this one is already started …..

愛の罠にかかった わたしは蝶

ムスクの香りが強くて 嫌な感じ


愛じゃないけど なぜかあなたに

一度 抱かれてみたかった…

Ai no wana ni kakatta watashi wa chō
Musuku no kaori ga tsuyokute iyana kanji
Karamitsuku yasashi-sa ga kumo no ito mitai
Ai janaikedo naze ka anata ni
Ichido idaka rete mitakatta…

I who was caught in the trap of love, I am the butterfly …
A strong, unpleasant feeling
Gentleness to climb all over seems to be a spider line
though it is not love for you … why?
I wanted to be held once.

Oh God, no …..

i don’t know what the hell is happen to me but this song , Butterfly just hit me, … see i haven’t hear the full song, but  OMG OMG it just bring back my memories of ….




yasu    :    don’t say that’s him …
noi       :    but it is ya_san ….. 

yasu    :    i knew it …..
noi       :    i’ll tell you something ….
yasu    :    about Mr. Friday again? that’s boring …
noi       :    well thanks to you i remember him …. so you better listen oke …
yasu    :    eh ….  since when did you start act bossy like this?
noi       :    ah just for tonight ne ….

oke here’s the story, a story about The Butterfly and The Spider ….  i remember i posted that on my Facebook note a long time before i start my blogs (LJ, or Ameba) while cried like an idiot in front of Dodo my laptop  …

There is a butterfly caught in a spider web for a very long time . although it seems painful, but the butterfly was happy. when there is someone who wants to release her, butterfly it saidthanks, but I’m happy like this”.

but in the end, she realized if the spider who she love so much is already leave her to make another nest somewhere elese. and she was alone in the spider’s web  that gets weak each day …. and then

…………. PLASH ….!!!! 

the net just broken it cannot stand her anymore , ….  The butterfly was falling down to earth. …. and unfortunately she fell to the ground when there is a group of hippos as well as stepping through.  stamped on her without mercy.

the butterfly,  crushed into a million pieces  trampled hordes of hippos, she has no wing again, so she can’t fly anymore  … ….  on that story, the butterfly is me and Mr. Friday is the Spider ….

and wht happen now to the butterfly? …  well now the butterfly is still collect all the pieces of her broken wings one by one while hoping one day she can fly again …. fly far away, so far somewhere over the rainbow …

so that’s the end of my story, …  the weird thing is even i keep sayin owari owari for that story but the fact is that story is still to be continued, and i just can’t stop it , ….

oke enough about my mellow story, now let’s move to another topic, btw i just renew my CV …. CV ? for what? am i gonna find another job? ….. ah no, this is my fangirl CV ….  my new CV is gonna look like this :

Name         :   noi himura
Address    :   Bahama 221B
Phone number  : +6285 555 6666
fulltime fangirl of Acid Black Cherry and L’arc en Ciel  

wekekekekeke …… ah ya i just cut my hair yesterday,  nah remember when i said if yasu cut his hair then i am gonna cut my hair? … nah i did it yesterday on my one day off, …. i said to the stylist : i wanna exactly a hairstyle like him, while show her this photo from my Black Cherry

but what the ….  look what she did to my hair, i dunno what happen did i show her a Dora image instead of yasu? …. but when i open my eyes and saw myself in the mirror …. i just can’t stop laugh while keep sayin …




over and over …. and  just like what’s n my mind , … today somebody just call me Dora instead of Sadako, Gumiho or any ghost with O as their last name like they always call me …..

so ya_san, ….

noi       :     dou, dou?
yasu    :     what …..  ?  eeeh , is that what you call yasu look hair? …
noi       :     yes, why …?
yasu    :     nothing,   ….. ahahahha …. *start to laugh*
noi       :     that’s fine, at least i love the bang ….
yasu    :     whatever noi_chan , go to sleep now …..
noi       :     aish …..



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