『蝶』 – Acid Black Cherry : Broomance is Officially in The Air .. (Another me, yasu and The New Boy)

Omaigoooo To basuketooooo ……. *blown away to Alaska*


finally Avex upload this Acid Black Cherry – 『蝶』, …. i thought this PV is gonna upload on Acid Black Channel but it is on Avex YouTube Channel, …. OMG i was stay on Acid Black Channel waiting …. but ahahaha
and this song is brilliant , ….   again and again yasu wrote another brilliant song  for meh …. (and all of you ABC fans) ….

So minna, meet this man, Mr. Yasu Hayashi , and tonight he is The Brilliant Man With a Demonic Charm , and with this brilliant song ….

『蝶』 – Acid Black Cherry
not a full lyrics




命陽炎(かげろう) 泡沫(うたかた)の恋

なんて言えない…まま また今夜も

Me o tojita mama sotto
Kuchibiru chikazukete
Fure-sōna kyori no mama
Kimi o tabete shimaitai
Kireina koe o motto
Kika sete kurenai ka
Doku hari wa ito o hiki
Doko ni sashite hoshii ka itte

Ai no wana ni kakatta watashi wa chō
Musuku no kaori ga tsuyokute iyana kanji
Karamitsuku yasashi-sa ga kumo no ito mitai
Ai janaikedo naze ka anata ni
Ichido idaka rete mitakatta…

Ai no wana ni kakatta watashi wa chō
Kurutta chō ni `chotto mada’ nante zurui wa
Don’na chō datte hana ni wa tomaru janai
Ai janaikedo naze ka anata o
Uso de mo shinjite mitakatta

Inochi kagerō utakata no koi
Imasara ushinau mono nado nai
Ikenai tte wakatte inagara
Ito o ayatsuri

Mata mujaki ni waraikakete
Watashi o muda ni yorokoba senaide
Nante ienai… mama mata kon’ya mo
Anata ni idaka reta
Ashita mo mata a sa te mo
Anata ni idaka rete ita

My Heart to Heart Translation

Eyes gently closed
close lips
As the distance that seem to remains
I want to eat you
more sweet voice
Will you tell it?
The sting pulls a thread
Say whether you want you to prick wherever

I who was caught in the trap of love, I am the butterfly …
A strong, unpleasant feeling
Gentleness to climb all over seems to be a spider line
though it is not love for you … why?
I wanted to be held once.

I who was caught in the trap of love I am a butterfly.
the mad butterfly, still a bit tricky ..
Any butterflies stop at a flower.
Though it wasn’t love,
even a lie wanted to believe you for some reason

The love of the life heat waves
ephemeral thing
There is nothing that is lost now.
While it turns out  bad
I handle a thread

Moreover, smile innocently…
and pleases me vainly.
… As for  tonight when I can’t say how…
I was embraced by you…
Tomorrow again also  the day after tomorrow…
I embrace by you

close lips, i want to eat you …..

OMG he is totally saducing someone , …..  with those eyes, the way he look at … that boy …. ahahahaha …..  see at the first time i thought he was lokin at the girl, …  and i was like, no no no ya_san, not again ….  Aitai and Koi Hito Yo PV is already enough for me and i am not ready for another one yet, ya_san ….

whoooaaa ….. watching this, yasu, he is topless with a boy, …  OMG look at him, his sexy gesture , ….  nah the this is also weird, before i know the secret love between him and meh …. ah no i mean the boy , …  that scene confused me , … eehh he is with who? … that’s not the girl because the girl is black haired, …. and i think that’s yasu with himself you know maybe this is a scene of him having a lucid dream or something ….

but then viola

whoooaaaaaa …….. … 

and double whoooaaaa for that …..

nee, nee what is on you mind when you see this PV especially for that scene? …. nah what’s on my mind and it still in my mind and i won’t go away, …. i think i need a brain wash, but i can’t find Dr. House  ….

This PV is describe about a Forbidden Love, … yes, the yaoi one , … OMG It just bring back my fujoshi soul from the grave , …. and yasu you choose the perfect time : After Halloween to raise my Fujoshi soul from the grave ….

A Forbidden Love, or a backstreet love …. see the scene is a hart to heart + eyes language for yasu to say : hey, i am waiting for you tonight … oke dear ….  and OMG i have to watch the full version of this PV but okay  here’s my fujoshi analysis about this PV ….

Photo credit to :  yasu(^∇^)hiさん

i think the main character on this PV is the boy, the new boy ….. why? because see his face when yasu look at him and when yasu hold his hand , …  from his face he was like having a doubt inside of him whether he is gonna continue this forbidden love with yasu ….

noi     :   yes boy, you better end it now  … or i am gonna …

yasu    :    hey noi_chan go on, finish your analysis ….
noi       :    chotto ne i have to handle this boy first  …
yasu    :    no, … go finish it  or i’ll …
noi       :    what, …? bite me … do it baby ……
yasu    :    eeeehh who is gonna bite you anyway ….

from his face (read : that boy) …. there’s a doubt whether he is gonna continue it or end it, …. but i have no idea if this is what is gonna show on the full PV or not , … but i catch a feeling of a Guilty Pleasure , ….   you know ….  a pleasure, happy feeling mixed with a guilty as one ….   end it or not ….

OMG OMG i think i talked too much before i watch the full PV , …. blame my fujoshi soul for this, and why did Avex upload Short version PV instead of full, … and make me waiting for the full version, start to counting days again : Sunday, Monday, Tuesday , …etc etc …  with him

noi      :    nee hyde_san ….?
hyde   :    ups sorry, but the answer is no, …. and go find yasu ….
noi      :     aaaaaa …..

and now the biggest question is : Who The Hell is That Boy? ….. and just like my twitter talks with [info]minlilin i am gonna blame Daigo for this, see this is because he is all over Akihide so yasu gotta find another boy , ….

Daigo      :      eeehhh ya_san …
yasu        :      ah just ignore her …
Daigo      :      is she always like this …?
yasu        :      mostly ……

Okay i am gonna talk to the new boy …..

hey boy, who are you, and where do you come from? …. you are not an alien right? …. it’s impossible if you just fall down from sky and then jump into yasu’s PV and with this scenario ……  well boy, i don’t care who you are, where you’re from and don’t care what you did , … (wekekeke, yes this is from Backstreet Boys song : As Long As You Love me  …) but in this case it turns to be  :

as long as you end the forbidden love onegaii …..

yasu     :   oh no …. see this is the reason why you have to wait longer …
noi        :   heh? …
yasu     :   yes, you should wait until the full PV is out …
noi        :   can’t you just spoil me?
yasu     :   no, … and now go finish your works …



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