Finally Here’s The Boy …. : OMG he is Cute … (Another me, yasu and The Boy Part 2)

so here’s the boy, …. 

the boy who just jump in to yasu’s side ….  and yesterday i keep posted silly things  about him, calling him with The Boy ….

a huge thank you for Yukiko for this  ,  …….. he is a model, and his name is Ryo Kitamura, and from his Ameblo Post … that’s the day he did the PV shoot with yasu …. he said it was a secret shooting …. whooo …

and he was born in 1991? …. OMG he is so young ne, a Japanese version of Justin Beiber? …. but bloody hell he is cute and … ah i dunno what i am gonna say about him (read : the boy, not yasu) but webley whobly penny money  like what Dr. Who always said if he can’t describe something   …… xD

thanks to you Yukki, now the Big Question in me : Who The Hell is That Boy  ?  ….  is gone for evaaa  …. and the important thing is he is not alien …..  wekekekeke ….  *kicked by King Kong*

noi      :    ya_san, why didn’t you tell me  if he is so cute ….
yasu   :    hey noi_chan, he’s younger than you ne ….
noi      :    i know i know …. but he is cute …
yasu   :    what the …. are you my fangirl …?
noi      :    yes i am …
yasu   :    then why?
noi      :    i dunno …
yasu   :    what the ….


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