Vamps Halloween Party 2011 : Hyde’s Nemuri Hime ….. (Another me, yasu and Hyde)

oke i decide to post again here and here’s my blog just something about me yasu and hyde ….  i am a fangirl so this blog is gonna be a lot lot of fangirlism … and  this is my new CV, a fangirl CV ….

Name         :   noi himura
Address    :   Bahama 221B
Phone number  : +6285 555 6666
fulltime fangirl of Acid Black Cherry and L’arc en Ciel  


now i am start it with this

my dear Giorgia Gorner shock me this morning by posted this Youtube link on my Facebook Page …


Hyde sang Nemuri Hime …..  and as always he did it great , .he is brilliant ……..



when i read so many report for Vamps Halloween Party 2011 fan report i asked to my self : i wish i can see Hyde sing Nemuri Hime, what that’s gonna look like, sounds like  …..  and now i can’t believe this is the first thing i saw this morning, and it is brilliant …. saw yasu and hyde in one stage performing my fave song ….

so this morning i am gonna sing …. well yasu still sleeping btw , he is not gonna hear me .

kimi ga kureta egao de sukoshi tsuyoku nareta
nando datte te wo totte ai shiteru ai shiteru ai shiteru yo tte
mou ichido waratte misete

I love You Hyde, itsumademo  ……….

yasu      :   OMG this is too early ne, ….
noi         :   ups sorry ….
yasu      :   i told you ne, don’t sing …..
noi         :   Good Morning Ya_san, …. and I love you to , … zutto …
yasu      :   just go away , …..
noi         :   ok ok i gotta work now …..



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