Finally, After All this time : Chou PV? well, I am Fine Ya_san (Another me, yasu on a Cherry Day)

oke  i saw this on Tumblr,
this is also my fave scene on SHERLOCK and whoever made this gift is genius  …

well what i am gonna say is :

Help me SHERLOCK go find yasu  and tell him i love him ….. xD

yasu   :   eeeh, just like that? ….
noi      :   then what should i say ?
yasu   :   nee nee noi_chan …
noi      :   nani ….?
yasu   :   you know what i mean …
noi      :   aaah ….  Chou PV …

well i kind a busy recently because i have tons of papers waiting for me and all of them wanted to be fixed a.s.a. p. just like they are dyin or something, they are dead ne?  so why did they keep ask me to fix them? okay tonight i am gonna talk about this brilliant PV  (indeed, all Acid Black Cherry PV is brilliant to me) ….

and i remember Last Sunday when TEAM_ABCD start to posted many things about big surprise that they gonna gave to us , …. and the post on their Official Facebook Page made me start to counting hours, nah if Hyde and yasu ask me to Counting Days on Glamorous Sky, what TEAM_ABCD did last Monday is asked me to counting hours , …. they made me ignore my goat and cow meat, i ate less meat that what i used to eat every year’s Ied , ….

and what i did is nothing but stay in front of my PC while ate ice cream like i am gonna join a marathon for eating ice cream, …. did you know how much time do i need to eat all ice cream above? …. less than 10 minutes  ….. yay baby, i can do that,  i should join Adam on Man vs Food ne  wekekekeke ……

but bad thing happen, when they tweeted the 7th advices (they tweeted 9 advices before tweeted the YT link for the video) my stomach hurt and i have to go to bathroom, … damn it … i was like kyaaa ….. for me that night i feel yasu was screaming on me : run noi, run ….!!!!  , so yes that night i am Noi Gump, of course the smart version of Forrest Gump

this is my fave scene of Chou PV , sooo beautiful ne …..

the song, the video is brilliant just like yasu himself  ….  really, i love the song and yasu did a great job to show how is to be feel if you are in the middle of forbidden love like this , …. well  from now on i am not gonna say something like this gay, but i am gonna change it into a broomance moment just like i change yasu is amazing into yasu is brilliant  …  why? well i have my own reason to not say gay in my blog …. and let the reason be mine, just only me …

yasu made the scene look beautiful, i saw many broomance movie and i don’t like if the movie is western broomance movie, why? i dunno but somehow i didn’t see the  beautiful of broomance there, except one : Heath Ledger and Jack Gylenhall’s Brookeback Mountain ….   and may you rest in peace there Mr. Ledger … and this man on Antique Bakery is my fave …

Jae Wook oppa, sarangeeeee …..!!!!!!

yasu       :    hey hey noi_chan, how could you say that ….
noi          :    uuppps ….
yasu       :    i knew it, it must be because of the PV ….
noi          :    what? …. i am jealous? ….
yasu       :    no, you are mad because the boy just defeat you for me …
noi          :    ah no ya_san, see  i’d rather defeated by 1,000 boys than one girl …
yasu       :    don’t start again ne ….
noi          :     just promise me oke ….
yasu       :     we’ll see ….

and then my fujoshi brain start to travelling, digging up all the  memories of all many broomance movies, mangas that i ever watched, ….

~  i imagine that scene is their last night together and when they lyin on bed together yasu was like sayin his careless whisper to the boy   :   Yesterday is yesterday, tomorrow is tomorrow the important thing is tonight so let just enjoy this night … and the boy can’t say anything but ok  while sayin Loving you is the finest moment, leaving you is the hardest day of my life

~  in this scene my mind went to a story about a boy who keep deny what is on his heart, he keep sayin no this is not right, i am already with my girlfriend and she is perfect , ….. but yasu just keep lookin at him with that look, the look that only yasu can do that  …. and make the boy lost in the middle of nowhere ….

nah for this one my mind travel again into my memories when i read Banana Fish , …. come on, i am sure one of you read that manga, i love it, the mangan is about a hustler (a manwhore) …. and when some part of this PV remind me of it, see the boy as the hustler and yasu as the man who hired him ….

see the boy is waiting for his client on the lux chamber ….. …..enaugh about this because i have hell lot of broomance story to told you just because of this brilliant PV , and i think  i talk too much about this, , God forgive me and can You please fix my brain …? wekekekeke …… *dumped to highway to hell*

and today is Tuesday, and this day is what i call a cherry day  because today is a mix of sour and sweet moment for me, sour because i have a lot of things to do today, all of them seem like to after me, everybody want me to do it fast and faster , while my hands only two …. i am so tired for this long and boring meeting, my boss endless speech and many more , but guess what i got today? ……




i got a promotion …..!!!!



After all this time ….  i am gonna say it with Severus Snape tone …..

i should believe to my brain more, see i am the one who think i am the foolish person in earth now is a chief in administration dept? ….. OMG i just like a dream, well yes my heart draws a dream but not this big , …. and i am the younger one at office got that position? ….  after all what i did, see i didn’t sleep for 2 night for prepare something and maybe tonight i am not gonna sleep again because tomorrow is the deadline ….

i think my boss is kind a like teasing me, he keep kick my lazy ass to work harder for this, this is totally out of my imagination , i never imagine about this , …. so start next week, me with a new office, and i am the one in charge there with 4 person who is gonna help me ….

waw this is a briliiant moment in my life as a fangirl of a brilliant man named yasu hayashi, but i still have doubt in my mind …. can i do this? ….

noi      :    dou ya_san, am i good enough for this?
yasu   :    the answer is on you ne noi_chan, not me ….
noi      :    ah ya ….  oh God i am so happy ne ya_san  …. kyaaa …. *run to yasu*
yasu   :    don’t don’t, stop it …!!!!

well not only that,  guess again what i got next ….. yay …. finally my Shangri La single is arrived, and this time the regular from HMV and Fan Club edition came together with my Halloween Party Good…..

and i was like ……  whoaaaaaa ….. *with six a*

see i have  two tissue box and post card and this post card i am gonna gave it to the one who is lucky to win my last pay it forwards post, and i am gonna announce it when i receive my Chou single  ….  nah because for me today is a Cherry Day and i just goy my Cherry Powaaaa …  so what i am gonna say is :

Life is like a bowl of cherries.  You will never now what you are gonna get, sometime it’s sour and sometime it’s sweet  ….  but when you get the Amakutte Suppai Cherry moment , it feels great ….

Halloween is already over but  here in Mars it just started , why? because this alien just got her  cute Orange Devil today, …. and tonight meet The Devil in Pink : Noi Himura ….

Long Live The Devil …….!!!!!

yasu       :    hoooo …. pink?
noi          :    yes, pink
yasu       :    hey it’s halloween ne not valentine …
noi          :    eeeeh ……?




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