After All this time : Oh God, Nooooo …. (Another me, yasu and Mr. Friday again)

here i am again update this blog, after a whole week i spent my nights dealing with numbers, finish one project over and over again …  see it’s true ne write on your blog help you a lot, if you see SHERLOCK, at the first episode John Watson’s shrink aks him to write a blog to help him with his problem ….

when i think everything i did is perfect then it’s always like this, there’s somebody else who said if that’s not quite good and that somebody else convinced my boss to say no  to me and in the end i have to do it again , ….

but thank God it’s over and i hope i don’t have to stay awake all night long just for doing my works and being busy and run after a deadline changed me into a different person, i am so sensitive and i got mad easily and last week i said something awful to my mom …

Oh dear God, forgive me …..

yasu    :    why did you ask forgiveness to God ne noi_chan, you should say sorry to your mom …
noi       :    but i think she is understand …
yasu    :    but still you have to say something ….
noi       :    ah ….  let me continue this oke

that’s me the one and only who always waiting for yasu, and else (you know who) …  and i hate if i change to be like that, so easy to get mad on someone just because i get stressed of tons of my works, …. i just hate that kind of my self, i think i start to change like my dad, see like father like daughter, see i am his daughter so here i am the evil’s daughter is also another evil ….

but this devil yasu is brilliant  ….!!!!

today is Monday, and somehow i always love Monday while everybody keep sayin how much they hate Monday, i think i know why did they hate Monday because they still have  not enough with their last Saturday and Sunday vacation. I am different ne because i don’t have weekend on Saturday or Sunday. i take my day off as i want to , sometimes i take a day off on Thursday, Friday, Wednesday etc, but mostly is Friday, …. why? because i hate Friday that always remind me of Mr. Friday …

yasu   :  eeeh ….?
noi      :  come on, ya_san don’t give me that look …
yasu   :  i am gonna look like this if you talk about him …
noi      :  but this time is different ne …
yasu   :  everything is the same, just get over oke …
noi      :  i am so sorry but after all this time , i can’t ….
yasu   :  hufff … oke just this time …

i just have some talk with my mom as usual on our dinner talk, and she talked about how she was so tired look after my dad, and some regular things about our neighbors, i wonder when did she did that, i mean being the gossip lady and found out all the information of all our neighbors , like Mr. A’s daughter went to medical faculty, Mr B’s son engage to the deputy’s daughter, Mrs. C’s health  etc etc and many more, see my mom is really2 an elephant type of person, she knows everything happen in our neighborhood, …

if you ever read Agatha Christie ‘s novels you should know about Miss Marple, Miss Jane Marple , one of the character on Agatha Christie ‘s books beside The Belgian detective Hercule Poirot and Mr. Parker Pyne , my fave episode is : Murder is Easy, Miss Marple use her own deduction as an old lady who live in a countryside , and she only know few peoples  like the postman, the shop owner, the butcher, etc and she knows exactly what they did and what time they all gonna do that, and if there’s some change on the rime of her village life then, something is happen, nah in this case is murder …..

nah my mom is my own version of Miss Jane Marple , in this case Mrs. Theodora Misgina Retno Windarsineta , … wekekekeke what a long name ne, well yeah my mom’s name is so long until when i was child, i can’t remember it , … but everybody call her Mrs. Dora …. xD and she is so mad with that ..

and tonight my mom told me if Mr. Friday is a father now, …and she said that with a very happy tone, well she never know how i feel about him and she will never know i promise you that.  when i hear that, i was like …. oh no, why should i hear this from you again mom? … again? you are the one who told me when he was gonna marry and know you told me if he is a father now? ,,,,

i don’t wanna hear about this, see honestly there’s still him inside my heart so i think it is gonna be better for me if i don’t hear anything about him, or any related things about him, but still his child is gonna be awesome just like him   ….

Your Love, Your Love LIfe i don’t wanna know. And God please blind me for that ….

yasu    :   eeeh, me? …
noi       :   no, we’re talking about Mr. Friday ne remember?
yasu    :   ah ya, but can you please hurry i am late now ….
noi       :   what the …

demo ne it is also fit for yasu ne,  for me and him as a fangirl and her idol, see last week every newspaper and gosssip tabloid talked about Justin Beiber made one girl pregnant while he is so open about his relationship with Selina Gomez ….etc etc …

what i mean is i am so lucky for the fact that my idol is a Japanesse Rockstar who has a very private personal live and i love that, like what i always say : i don’t wanna know (even deep in my heart i really wanna know) about yasu’s personal life , who he dated with, who is he in love with … etc etc ,… i don’t really wanna know about that, … and if i figured it out sometimes, i take it as a bonus from him to me as his fangirl , …

being blind or pretend to be blind for my idol love life maybe sounds selfish but that’s the fact, … and i think that’s more fun for me , … see just like Hyde, i am quite happy with the fact if Hyde is Megumi’s husband and they both happily aver after with their son, … i hope yasu can be like that, find a good , loving and care woman to marry and be happy …




because this brilliant man who always make me happy no matter what  deserve to be happy …

yasu     :    really ….?
noi        :    yup
yasu     :    are you sure …?
noi        :    100% …
yasu     :    no regrets …?
noi        :    why did you ask that btw …?
yasu     :    ahahahaha …..

enough about my feeling and personal rants about Mr. Friday, and let’s talk about the big massive attack. Today is Larc announcement for World Tour ticket sales , …. i received this email from , but first in the morning i saw ThaiTicket tweet on my twitter timeline, they said something about get ready for L’arc_en Ciel 2012 or something in Thai ….

it just blow my mind, and the email just blown me away more and more , …. i was like OMG OMG at office and everything is so blurry and i have so many things attack my small brain in my head about a lot of things that i haven’t do, ….

L’Arc-en-Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012
Ticket Presale Info Announcement!

Thanks very much for registering for Special Ticket Information about the L’Arc-en-Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012.

We’d like to send information about ticket pre-sales to everyone who registered.
It’s been 20 years since the band formed, and now the legend is taking a new stage!
Tickets are definitely going to be hard to come by, so please check the presales out.

*Tickets are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Presale tickets will go quickly – thanks for your understanding!

[ Ticket Presale Schedule ]




Presale Start From

Ticket Link

March 17,
2012 (Sat)

TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall

Taipei, Taiwan

November 14, 2011
12:00 PM TWT


March 23,
2012 (Fri)


London, UK

November 14, 2011
11:00 AM GMT


      April 14,
2012 (Sat)
      Le Zenith de Paris

Paris, France

November 14, 2011
10:00 AM CET


*We’ll provide information about tickets to other shows as information becomes available.


see there’s no Bangkok there, …. why? is there anything related to what happend in Thailand, ….? but X Japan was there not long time a go and it was fine , …. Oh Dear God, i hope everything is okay, …. and they gonna annouce the presale ticket for Thailand a.s.a.p …

but things just wont go that simple ne , whe i read [info]mrsmisser post , OMG it looks so complicated ne, i mean you have to pick up the ticket on the Box Office, …. i mean what the hell is that? …. i dunno anything about this at all , ….  OMG i think i just give up before they announce the pre_sale ticket for Bangkok ….

i hope everything is gonna be okay, because i really wanna see this World Tour, … i’ve been waiting so long for this and i am sure L’arc is also waiting so long for meeeh .….. ahahahaha * got kicked by gorilla*



i really need to calm down now , ya_san,  please help me, what should i do? what if they cancel Bangkok? and what if i can’t find the Box Office ? etc etc …. and many more in my head, make it feel itchy …..

noi     :   ya_san, tatsukete ….
yasu  :   what? …
noi     :   my head, my head …
yasu  :   i told you ne, go wash your hair …
noi     :   i am already did that …
yasu  :   do it again, now ,,,,,,
noi     :   kyaaaaaa …….. *run into bathroom*
yasu   :  weird girl …



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