My Radio is Back : So Listen to The Radio …. (Another me, yasu and The Radio)

finally after one week there’s a chaos on my Key Hole TV and as usual i dunno what the hell is happen, then viola like a magic today everything was fine, …..  i think some bad wheater on Tokyo made my Radio didn’t work well , …

nah this afternoon i start to listen Yamada_san on TokyoFM again and i think i start to enjoy listening to him while tweet some silly thing to him like ask him to play some song for me, demo ne i dunno if we can request a song via twitter on TokyoFM, but ah i don’t care ….

and tonight i listened to 文化放送「LISTEN?」 …. even yeah as always i don’t understand 100% what the DJ or yasu’s talking about , …. i mean why did they talked so fast ne? …. but it’s very nice to hear him answered all the question that his fans send it to the radio . …..  and he talked about the handshake event and AKB or something  …

ABC商法です …..  ABC commercial law ? ….

「Acid Black Cherryで、蝶」  ….

and today is the first time in my live i was able to watch and listen 2 show Radio/TV with Acid Black Cherry on it, …. and i am sooooooooo …. happy ne ….

this is from MizRock Official Blog post, she also a guest on tonight OTOBAKE Bar ,  and she posted this photo on her blog, …. see instead of Acid Black Cherry she wrote Asid black cherry ……xD

for this show i think i was busy look at him and tryin so hard to understand what he said and the other guests said, ….



nah remember what i said about a law of study ?

More  study , you’ll gonna more forget what you just studied , …
Less  study , you’ll gonna less forget what you just studied , …
~  Don’t study, then you don’t have anything to forget ne ……

and what happen to me is more i try harder to understand what he was sayin the result is i got nothing , it just bla bla bla bla …… so the point is just let is flow , join  the wind blows , ….

just you and me ya_san, and my  heart to heart translation

yasu     :    i knew it …
noi        :    what ….?
yasu     :    i said about ABC commercial law and now you said about your law of study?
noi        :    well , ….
yasu     :    you’re a very bad student ne ….
noi        :    Oh God, how did you know that?



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