Broomance Attack : Hello Mr. H , read Hyde ….. (Another me, yasu and Halloween Party)

I am gonna ask just like what hyde always ask every beginning of Ready Steady Go live …..

Are You Fuckin Ready ….?

and my answer is  : hell yeah hyde, i am so Fuckin Ready …..  ahahaha OMG OMG my language , well i am gonna blame hyde for this one …. but ready for what? …..

photo credit to : yasu^hi@meba

what else but for this one? … this Broomance attack is come again, because tomorrow is the release date for Acid Black Cherry 『蝶』 single ,  and all of them in Japan already received their single plus the tissue box , and there you are my home page/dash/friendpage (or whatever they called it) in ameba is full of anything related to Acid Black Cherry 『蝶』, ….

everybody can’t wait for the offshoot PV because just like me they all really curious about the bed scene and kissu scene ….




noi     :   nee ya_san, did you really kiss him ….?
yasu  :   why? …
noi     :   i really wanna know …
yasu  :   if i really kiss him …
noi     :   aaaahhh ….
yasu  :   and if i am didn’t kiss him …
noi     :   aaaaahhh ….
yasu  :   see, i think you don’t wanna know about this ..

well maybe i don’t wanna know , or do i wanna know? …. ah i am clueless about this one, …. but the image of yasu and the boy topless like that already make me happy and OMG this Broomance Euphoria is on me again, ….

see i put that beautiful image as my desktop background on my netbook, why? because i wanna give some shock to my annoying muggle office mate who secretly always use or did something with my netbook while i am not in my desk , …..

OMG i can’t imagine how they are gonna get shock because of this beautiful image, well ….  they deserved to get that, because today they just pissed me off, see now i am as the one who is is charge i was the one who got blame to if there’s something wrong or something is out of schedule, … and my report is based on what they reported to me. if they report me wrong so my report is gonna be wrong, ….

they just like that do their works like it just something to have fun, nothing serious…. they just did me not only once but this one is the 3rd … what i am gonna do is i am gonna put this one on their PC so they gonna see this beautiful image but annoying for them , …

the point is i want them to feel what i feel today, how it’s feel to get annoyed , …. i can’t work fast today because i have to do my calculation again and edit all my report that i am already done, double work is not great , it suck ….

i just received this today and look at the outfit, is that the same outfit that yasu use on last Mujack show? …. i think it is …

or not? ….. ahh …  but when i open my magazine again i found this

see that’s VIVID and they are the cover for this Fools Mate December 2011 issue ,  and look at their pose? see the manequinn? … remeber to who? …. ahahahaha …. OMG yeah i remember PISTOL PV  …. well i am sorry ne for me there’s only one man who is so good and looks very good with a manequinn , ….

the one and only Acid Black Cherry  : yasu ….

when i told you if i am already finish my ABC magazine list for this month, actually i haven;t finish it all, because the list is more now …

11/01発売「月刊オーディション」     done

11/04発売 「オリスタ」(“HALLOWEEN PARTY”ライブレポ)

skipp this ….

11/08発売 「アリーナ37℃」 done

11/09発売「PATi・PATi」(“HALLOWEEN PARTY”ライブレポ)

11/14発売「WHAT’s IN?」(“HALLOWEEN PARTY”ライブレポ)

skipp this …




11/20発売「MusicUP’s」(“HALLOWEEN PARTY”ライブレポ)

skipp this

11/20発売「Songs」 … i’ll think about this one …


11/21発売「OUT of MUSIC」(“HALLOWEEN PARTY”ライブレポ)

skipp this

11/28発売 「FOOL’S MATE」

nah that’s two left ne ….. wekekeke i skipp all with Halloween Party report because for Halloween Party i am waiting for Monthly Vamps ….  about this year Vamps HP, …it was great and the euphoria spread to everybody who wasn’t able to watch that live, … if we compare to last year i think this year is the best  , ….

Hyde was amazing there and the fact that he sang Nemuri Hime together with yasu and Daigo, and there’s a report on TV and i can hear him singing Nemuri Hime even just a little bit  just blow my mind so far away to far far away land with SHREK and Fiona ..

and for  next year HP i hope hyde think about Sweeney Todd cosplay, … well this year Halloween night, i spent it with watching that movie for how many time i forgot. This movie is brilliant i mean it’s kind a like Hogwarts holliday movie because in this movie you can see Belatrix Lastrange (HBC), Severus Snape (Alan Rickman) and Wormtail with no magic.

“The story of Sweeney Todd is of a wrongfully imprisoned barber in Victorian England who sets out to seek revenge on the judge who imprisoned him”.

and the part when Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman sing Pretty Woman together while thingking about the same woman, somehow i saw hyde there …..

in this movie Mrs. Lovett ( Helena Bonham Carter) called Sweeney Todd/Benjamin Barker (Johnny Depp) with Mr. T , so if next year hyde really think about to be Sweeney Todd, then this Miss. Noi Himura is gonna call him with Mr. H …

Hello there Mr. H ….

but i kind a dissapointed with ABC , …  … for me they much better (the oufit, i am not talking about the performences because i didn’t see it) last year than this year

. why? because the outfit they use, i mean that’s to simple and predictable, plus cossplaying X Japan 3 times? …

i know yasu is so busy with his 5 single massive attack but come on, there must be somebody there on TEAM_ABCD to think about what they gonna cosplay as …. not just like this , …. i am so sorry ya_san, i love you but i really think your Halloween cosplay last year is better ….

and now let’s talk about Acid Black Cherry singles and my brain …. see i have a very easy blown away brain , so this is what 3 yasu’s song already did to me, blown me away to 3 different place …


this song just blown me away to Russia, why? well because of the lyrics there’s Russian extacy there and i was blow away to Russia with this song, … on the OffShoot yasu said that he already record this song together with QED and he said some tone was on QED Offshoot, i saw that, video a long time a go but when i listen to PISTOL at the first time i don’t remember that ….

blame russian extacy for this ….. xD

~  ShangRi La

this song blow me away to TIBET, to find my own ShangRi La and dreaming about have lunch with His Holiness Dalai Lama , …. In my dream His Holiness is so kind to me and he told me a lot of things , … but as usual i forgot because it was a dream, what i remember is we have some green tea on afternoon tea time ….

ijust found this site :  this is the official site of His Holliness, …. i love how he say about Karma  and how to reach a positive karma,even i am not a budhist but i do believe in karma, the band or the good one  :

Lead your life in an  honest way, a truthful way. By truthful acts, by compassionate acts, increase positive karma

that’s what i gotta do ne, and all of you also …

~  Chou

this one just blow my mind to New Jersey, to find Dr. House, ask him to fix my brain, …. the  PV, the Offshot just made a lot of malfunction in my brain but until now i can’t find dr. House yet …

so, ya_san doushite …..?

yasu    :  what, what? …
noi       :  fix me …
yasu    :  why …?
noi       :  i am in pieces, baby fix me and just shake me till you wake me up from this bad dream …
yasu    :  don’t sing ….!!!
noi       :  then fix me …
yasu    :  wait for Dr, House oke …



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