Acid Black Cherry @All Night Nippon Tonight : A Muted Video … (another me, yasu and the Alien )

Acid Black Cherry @ANN Streaming Live Recorded

see there’s no voice there, so i think that is so funny ne, …. i feel like i was watching an old movies, the muted one, but thank God i watch that US Stream Live while listening to my radio with Key Hole TV , ….

so i got the voice ….

but i have no idea if i got the perfect timing, … you know the voice from Key Hole and the image from US Streaming Live  , …. so the question is why did they (whoever who made that streaming live video) made it sound_less? ….

i always love when he use glasses,

OMG isn’t he look brilliant? …..

and for this one is +1 brilliant …..!!!

oke they made it sound_less? that’s fine ne because i can read lips,   …. maybe some alien language speaking lips i can handle but not Japanese speaking lips …  ahahaha … * alien laugh*

yasu     :   read lips? …
noi        :   yes ….
yasu     :   alien lips? …
noi        :   of course, thanks to Master Yoda  …
yasu     :   so you choose alien lips than my lips ? …
noi        :   eeeeehhh ……?


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