Drama Queen Post : この世界の片隅に ….. (Another me, yasu In A Corner of this Fandom World)

i’ll start with this first , …..

look at him (read : yasu, not the DJ), …. i love when he looks like that, see with glasses and that yasashi lookin eyes, he is brilliant,

and the DJ? … somehow i can’t remember what his name is but in my mind he is the TAMIYA DJ from All Night Nippon Show, …. why? that’s because he kept doing that thing, last night and show his TAMIYA shirt, ….

then i found out he is one member of The Golden Bomber, even i dunno which one is he, …  they all look the same for me except the  one who always use mask or something covering his face …

Today, my boss was comin. and he stayed for a while at my new office. ask me how it’s goin. he add something like how my skin is gonna be more white if i stay at this new office more than outside. and when i told him how i can’t stand in cold, he just laughed and said for him in this temperature he still feel hot, … while i am already freeze, …

he also gave me some credit for how creative i was in my last project (i got high because this is the first time he said that, and he said that in front of everybody) but next he complain for how i always late for giving him daily report, …. so today he just fly me up and crash me down at the same time, …

well  …..?

and that is totally kick my lazy ass, see this is the time where i have to do my work faster, and as a probie in this new position i have lots of things to learn, and i can do that if i still my old pattern to work, and until now i still in the middle of finding the right and faster pattern to work, ….  now i still have one more thing to be fixed before tomorrow, …

and with him (read : my boss, not yasu) around all day, just exhausted me, see i can’t be relax in working while he keep watching me and ask something to me, and i feel  some part of his question is a test  for me? …. did he test me? …. and he also talked about our next project,and many things i can’t remember. ..

i missed my afternoon pray because i was so busy (God never buy this reason ne?) , … i mean, can you believe me, being busy and nervous at the same time made me forget what i have to do ? …. OMG i am gonna burn in hell because of this, …

God, please for give me …

so today i went home at 18;00 pm and i was so tired, at 19:00 i was sleeping until one hour ago while everybody going to bed, i had a weird dream , somehow it connected with a lot of numbers, from my calculation and i just lost inside them , ….

and damn i missed yasu @On8 tonight , …. i should put my alarm on , … i wake  up and have some hot water bath, wash my hair, this is the reason why i am so glad when yasu cut his hair so i can cut
my hair and say bye bye to my long yasu lok hair because i don’t have time to take care a long hair like that any more … being out side often made me have to wash my hair everyday, and sometimes i did that twice a day, ….

yasu     :    twice …?
noi        :   yes, …
yasu     :   well i think you should do that three times …
noi        :   no ya_san,  we have to save water ne …
yasu     :    eeeh …

yes, we, not only me and yasu but also all of you who read this should save some water, because if we keep spent much water more than we needed, the water is gonna gone then what about our next generation ?  the point is :

Go Green, Save some Water and sing ShangRi La with this Green Yasu  ….. xD

because this Green Yasu is more better than if we have to sing with HULK or SHREK ….  btw talking abaut HULK  …

here’s some random question : Why did everytime Bruce Banner turn into this giant green HULK he ripped off all his cloths but never ripp off his pants? …. well the answer is : is he also ripp off his pants we all gonna see his ***** ……. you know what i mean ….. ahahaha

kyaaaa ……  *got slaped by HULK*

oke oke ignore that and lets back to the topic, ah ya tonight i also had some coffee, i think my addiction is more and more, yes, i am a coffee addict now i am so hungry there’s only banana in the refrigerator , ….  here i am i start my night live again , became a vampire again ….

and this vampire also a drama queen vampire who cried like a idiot while watching this drama :  Kono Sekai No Katasumi Ni

this drama is about live of Urano Suzu (Kitagawa Keiko) who married to Hojo Shusaku (Koide Keisuke) whom she meet once when she was a child and move to his family as the new daughter in law, ….  and while she started to adopt the new environment, she end up having friend named Shiraki Rin who is Shusaku’s ex girlfriend, …

knowing how nice and pretty is Rin_san, Suzu start to feel if she was only a subtitle for Rin inside of her husband heart, and she also feel that she never able to be as perfect as Rin, … and then she start to work harder at home and be a perfect wife for Sushaku, ….

but when she lost her right arm because of the bom, she start to feel she is nobody and she got no one who love her and no home to go, …  because withaout her right hand, the hand which she use to embrace his husband, draw for Rin and Tetsu, cook for her mothe, father and sister in law, … she got nothing, and nobody want him anymore ….

she felt so lonely and decide to go home to Hiroshima to find her parents, but too bad her parent also died because of Hiroshima bom , … but when she feel hopeless Shusaku came and take her other hand while sayin : i am gonna be your home, ….

the funny thing is she never remember if Shusaku is the litle boy whom she meet when she was a child, … she always tought it was a child kidnaper carriage, but the truth is that is Shusaku’s uncle carriage who found her lost in the city and take her home. So after all this time Rin is not the first love of Shusaku, but She is the one he loves. and Shusaku fnd her and ask her to marry her, ….

No matter how many time you will be lost i am gonna find you …. that what is Shusaku said to Suzu, and OMG i was cried at this scene, because this is so sad and so happy ne, …. can u imagine when you are so lonely and got nowhere to go, there’s someone who find you and take your hand? ….  so dramatic ne?,  in the end Suzu said : Shusaku_san, arigato. Kono sekai no katasumini mitsukette kureta

nah in this case because i am a fangirl who live in this weird and lonely fandom world and how greatful i am all this time because of him, what i am gonna say to yasu_san is :

Yasu_san Arigato, Kono sekai no katasumini mitsukette kureta, thank you so much to find me in a corner of this fandom world , ….

yasu    :   nee noi_chan, i think you missed something …
noi       :   what?
yasu    :   you should say that “Fandom World” in Japanese to
noi       :    but i dunno how …
yasu    :    eeehhh?


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