I am Soo Healthy Post : Okay, I’ll Find a Way to Live Without You .. ( another me,yasu and Him)

yasu    :    him? …. who?
noi       :    ah you’ll find out later ..

so here i am, me this Miss. Noi Himura is officially a vampire, a vegetarian vampire who hates the blink2 vampire Cullen so much, and don’t care about Breaking Down etc etc.

so this vampire just woke up from her 3 hours sleep and got shocked when she open her Ameba and saw this ….

i was like :   OMG they look cute together …..etc etc …..

but then i scroll down

going down




Whoaaaa ….. what the hell is he doin? …. kyaaaaa …….. *Jump to Niagara Fall*



did i get amnesia or something? because i don’t see this on the PV scenes, zettai ni, …. or should i watch the PV again? ….  Oh nooo …… that’s more than Broomance …  somehow tonight just feel hot, i don’t need my jacket or blanket now …..

enough about the more than broomance, right now i have one thing in my mind , and it is bother me since yesterday, i know i can handle that, but still there’s part of me who keep say to my self : you are idiot noi, you should say no ….

this is about me and one of my client, …. Something happen and the client , she asked me to give her the money that she already gave it to me for a payment, she sais she really need it and because i still have the money then i gave her, ….

but last Saturday night when we went to ATM together to get the money i told her to give it back to me on Monday, she said okay , and now something that i scare so much is happen, she did gave me back the money, but not at all form 25 millions, she only gave me back 15 millions and the rest she is gonna give it on Thursday, …..




bloody hell i can’t believe she did that, see this is what happen if you trust someone so much and you are a person who is never able to say no, …. i should’ve say no to her? see this is happen again MR. Regrets come late again and hit me with all the guilty feelin on me, …

i mean what if he (read : my boss, not yasu) found out about this? … he is gonna kill me, i hope nobody know about this include all the mole in my offfice, somehow recently everybody change into a blower, you know what i mean , someone who is gonna blow all what you did to your superior/boss just to get a credit for  them self, and this kind of person is everywhere include my office . …

Oh God help me, make sure everything is okay tomorrow please ….*pray*

today i went to a wedding with Tekki, … but because of some miss_understanding se were there earlier, half hour early even the bride and groom hadn’t come yet, this is because the invitation is at 12:30 pm and we already there at 12:00 …. @_@ …

.. so i was waiting for half hour and my legs hurt because of standing with this red shoes …  can u imagine me who always wear black outfit everywhere now i have to wear red just because of this wedding, i am not often go to a wedding party,  i don’t like it , why? that’s because there’s always be a question for you at a wedding party when you are single

When did you’re gonna marry? ….

this is why i’d rather go to a funeral than a wedding party , because  like what i always say : if you go to a funeral nobody is gonna ask you this question whether you are single or not :

When did you’re gonna die?….

yasu       :    baka, who is gonna ask about that ne ….
noi          :    ahahahaha ….. *laugh with the single Hypo*
yasu       :    that’s not funny ne noi_chan ….
noi          :    i know ya_san, but still …..

and not only that today this red shoes is killin me, my legs hurts , see this is a 5 cm heels and i know i am only 155 cm height so if i use that shoes, i am gonna be look 5 cm taller than before, but i can’t stand with the pain, …. maybe this is right ne : lookin good is hurt

why did i buy this shoes? …. well here’s the answer, if you already watch The Wizzard of Oz, you will undrstand me, … everybody who watched that movie , the epic movie, … have their own fave things, something that they fall in love to from that movie ….

and i was in love to those red shoes, so here i am having a pair of red shoes that’s not comfort at all when i use it, i remember i only use this red shoes once, … and i promise to my slef i am not gonna wear that red shoes anymore, i am gonna keep it save in the closet forevaaaa, …. well maybe i am gonna use it when i watch The Wizzard of Oz again while singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow

yasu      :     whooo red shoes ne …..
noi         :     well, yeah , …. let me sing for you ….
yasu      :      eeeh …
noi         :     *start to sing* … somewhere over the rainbow , blue birds fly ….
yasu      :     a mermaid don’t sing, remember ….
noi         :     birds fly over the rainbows, oh why then, why can’t I …
yasu      :     that’s because you have no wings ne …
noi         :     i know that ..
yasu      :     then stop singing ….

the movie, the song is epic, i always love that song, …. and if you watch The Bachelor you must have know if the last season’s Bachelor , …. they use this song Over The Rainbow as their wedding song, …. ad the musisian sang this song with ukulele and yeah it sounds romantic , … when the bride walking in the ale to the man she love and they are gonna be together in a bound to have family with. …

noi     :   nee ya_san, don’t you wanna know my wedding song?
yasu  :   eehh
noi     :   i’ll tell you
yasu  :   but i don’t ask
noi     :   that’s fine  ne …
yasu  :   what is wrong with you tonight?
noi    :    nothing it just sentimentally me ..

my wedding song? …. i always want L’arc _en _Ciel song Anata as my wedding song, so imagine , ah no i am the one who always imagine this moment : when i walk in the ale , …. i am walking to the man who is there waiting for me and lookin at me (with those lovely eyes, i hope) with Hyde sing Anata just for me on my special day ….

Mure ni itsu hi ni mo kagayaku
Anata ga iru kara
Namida kare hatete mo taisetsu na
Anata ga iru kara

noi      :    that would be lovely ne, …….
yasu   :    yes, but who is the man? …
noi      :    it should be Mr. Friday …
yasu   :     no, not again …
noi      :    but it was not him …. then who?
yasu   :    don’t say that is me …
noi      :    no, … of course not, i am your fangirl ne , not like that the way i love you …
yasu   :    really …?
noi      :    sure …

ah ya btw today i just scanned my magazine, so there you are enjoy this wet Yasu on Fools Mate December 2011 issue , …. ah i forgot the volume is

i also scan others and my tissue box because i remember someone asked me to scan it on Tumblr, and i answered with : hey that’s a box ne,  how can i scan a box ? i’ll scan it after i found a box scanner  ….  OMG see how rude i am, i feel so bad about that and i think i better say nothing on tumblr, Facebook group or wherever because i tend to say saomething like that, my point that was a joke, but sometimes people dot get our jokes as a jokes you know what i mean ….

so i better keep in  Silenciooo …..

last i am gonna tell you is i am already found out the answer for my biggest question of me and Mr. Friday . …. i found out this one on my bus riding on Saturday morning,

Question          :    How do i live without you?
the answer is   :    You’ll find a way to live without me

it just came into my mind and i am so glad , because sooner or later i am gonna find that way . what i feel is my heart revealed from something ….. a spider’s web maybe? remember my story about the butter fly and the spider? where i was the butterfly and he was the spider? …. nah there you are this butter fly is free now …..

and just like what yasu said : Be ware to the spider’s web …!!! okay i am gonna stay away from spiders and their web …. but not Spiderman …

yasu     :     so Him is still the same man ne …
noi        :     OMG ya_san, what are you doin there …. you scare me …
yasu     :     it’s already dark ne noi_chan go to sleep now
noi        :     okay, oyasumi …


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