Acid Black Cherry 15th Single is Yes : Finally After All This Time .. (Another me , yasu and L’arc)

FYI this gonna be a very mellow post ….  there you are …

Acid Black Cherry 15th single Yes, …. 

1. イエス
2. Stop it love【Recreation Track】

release on January 18th next year , …..  so this is gonna be a great two weeks new year after party present to all of us and close Acid Black Cherry 5 Massive Single Attacks, …. and i am so glad, …..

finally …

after all this time ya_san ….

yasu   :   there you are drama queen  …
noi      :   yes, the drama of my waiting for you …
yasu   :   come on, stop it ….
noi      :   ah, …

and just like the title Yes, so yes i am sure this is gonna be a brilliant love song ….  and  i am gonna say it again, but this time instead of the mellow drama queen tone, i am gonna use a happy tone : …. finally, after all this time yay , ….. the massive attack is gonna end but my matsu wa season of him ( read : yasu ) is still goin on and on … waiting for what? … what else but another new album? ….



this matsu wa season is officially endless again …..  i am so excited for the next album, … but before the new album on 2012,  there’s still 2 steps to finish, …. yes, my waiting for the 14th and 15th single isn’t over yet ….

and btw for the Recreation Track , this time he is gonna cover himself for a long time  song he wrote 10 years a go Stop It Love  …. i remember someone told me about this song, … because i am not in to Janne too much, like i always said i am not a Janner but i think i tend to be ABC fans , …. even i really hate this separation of Janner and Acider (that’s what they called)  i admitt i also listen to Janne and in love deeply for some of their song  …

and i don’t know much about them, but i am so gratefull to have a lot of other people who already educated me about Janne a long time ago and whe they told me about that song Stop It, Love … somehow in my ears it sound like yasu called me with a nickname : Love …. ahahahah …

well sue me, but that’s what i felf that time, … Love, just like what Dr Lightman call his daughter or his co_work Dr. Foster, … if you watch this serial Lie To Me you must be familiar with Dr, Lightman saying : I am sorry love, Yes love …. 

noi         :    nah ya_san, in this case what you said is Stop it, love, instead of Stop It, Noi_chan ….
yasu      :    what? ….
noi         :    ah come on, just say yes ne …
yasu      :    no, why should i? ….
noi         :    wew , you just ruined my dream …
yasu      :    your baka dream ne ….
noi         :    @_@

btw i just watched some show called DAI 5 or something on BS  FUJI TV yesterday, this is DAIGO D5 Show …. and there you are yasu comment to DAIGO, ….

i wonder why i can’t have a bigger screen for my Key Hole TV , i mean i can’t make it bigger like Windows Media Player or GOM Player , … and i also wonder why untill now there’s nobody who upload that show on you tube or somewhere …  there ‘s only one person who upload this video but not with yasu comments part , ….. eww …

back to matsu wa season,  my waiting for the 13th single is not over ne, why? …. i can’t believe this is happen again, … see what is always happen to me, the custom board said : for some reason, we hold your stuff (read : my Butterfly CD/DVD) ….

yasu    :   eeeh … again?
noi       :   yes …

this is the 5th or 6th  times i forgot  the custom board did that to my ABC stuffs, ….  then i start to think this one the hold it for what reason? …  OMG  OMG did they watch the PV? …

bloody hell, what what if they did? …. i am so clueless about this one, … i hope everything is gonna be fine, .. well that’s me, all i can do is pray, i am suck dealing with this kind of things , because i always get use ask someone else to deal something for me, include for this one i am not gonna handle this one by myself but my friend is gonna do that for me …. Oh God i am so glad with that …

sometimes i wonder why i am clueless dealing something connected with bureaucracy, … 2 weeks a go i took a day off from office to get my new ID card and some tax payment card for my passport, but what happen is i just lost in the middle of the system, … somehow they just reject my application by saying this one is not right or i have to complete this one etc etc …

i know what they said was right, i still have 1 or 2 things of papers left, and i took the wrong paper that time, but still i feel like they just smashing me over and over, and in the end  i just gave up and decided to leave all of that process and went home, …. and i delayed my passport again, Tekki was so mad about this , …. but what can i do? … i just answered her : i’ll deal with it again next month …

i know this Acid Black Cherry 5 single Massive Attack is kind a hard for all ABC fans include me, because for some reason as a fans … you have a feeling that you have to buy all 5 singles of him, and the money especially for an oversea fans like me well it makes my wallet cry cry cry ….

but for me, the hardest thing is the waiting, ….  and somehow i always have to wait longer than everybody else for so many reason that i never expected …. so here i am the one who always wait in my entire life :

~    my bus in the morning …
~    my period every month, …

this is the funny thing, i do always wait for my period because somehow if my period is late i always think i am pregnant, …. what the hell, eventually the stupid childish part of me take control whenever my period is late. so how can i pregnant if i don’t have a sex? … OMG i should so that,  you know make love , … have a sex

btw for what reason is we have a sex? this question was on one episode of How I Meet My Mother,  one of the character just said if the one and only reason for having a  sex is just love , … while the others able to tell him 50 reasons to have sex like rebound sex, after meal sex, ect ect ..xD but  tonight episode was so funny ne …

yasu     :    you, have a sex, …? with who?
noi        :    i have no idea …
yasu     :    don’t say with Mr. Friday …
noi        :    aaahhh him ….

well if he (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) asked me, i am gonna say yes. but i am 100% sure he would never asked me for that, even if he love me not as a little sister like what he told me and broke my heart untill now . i mean for a very religious man like him who pray 5 times a day and went Mecca for Hajj … so he would never asked something like sex to me , not before he hold my fathers hand and ask me for his wife  ….  and make that sex is legal for us …

yasu      :     so that’s impossible ne ….
noi         :     demo ne ya_san, what if i am the one who ask him …?
yasu      :     eeehhh …..?
noi         :     ah don’t be shock like that, it just a joke ne …
yasu      :     not funny ne ..

btw why did i talk about him? you all know in the end he married to another woman and leave me broken hearted so let’s back to the topic, what i am waiting for what ….. hmmm … ah ya …

~    My salary every month, ….
~    and last but not least is waiting for all my Acid Black Cherry stuffs ,

now. let’s talk about L’arc , ….  yesterday i saw this photo on my twitter timeline , it’s from May J’s tweet, she is the J Melo host, …. i was like OMG did i missed this show?

but thank God that’s only recording, and there’s no official schedule yet when did they gonna air that show , ….  look at all of them they all look adorable with the duck face …. especially Leader_sama …. wasssoiiiii …!!!!

see this is what happen recently i think i don’t know much about L’arc, … i never find anything about L’arc because i think Tekki is already did that, but now she also too busy with Benny, and Thanks to SHERLOCK  i think Tekki is more British now , …. wekekekeke ….

btw this one is for tomorrow :  November 24th is Yukihiro’s brithday, ….

Happy  Birthday To You Yukihiro, here’s a thousand splendid happiness for you, my numero uno drummer … stay genki and i’ll CU next year

yes, next year. i hope i am gonna have a chance to watch L’arc Live on Bangkok, but what happen is untill now they hasn’t post about the pre_sale ticket for Bangkok, and it just kill me slow but sure. i am so nervous about this, … i feel like i am already loose before i go to a war, …. i am already give up for the ticket before they announce the ticket sale ….

Dear God,

here i am ask You again : Just give me a chance to watch L’arc live next year , just once in my lifetime before i end it i wanna watch them L’arc _en_Ciel, My Larger Than Live Band ….


yasu       :     end what, your drama?
noi          :     yes, my drama on this giant stage with God as the director : my life
yasu       :     what ….
noi          :     i’ll talk about it one day  …. so ya_san tonight ask me anything …
yasu       :     and …?
noi          :     and i’ll say
Yes ….
yasu       :     just … don’t sing …
noi          :     yes, boss
yasu       :     eeh she call me boss again …? weird girl



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