A New Pairing : A Werewolf and A Dyin Girl in a Rainbow Dress …. (Another me, yasu and CHASE)

i saw this on L’arc Official MySpace :

OMG i really love that image above and that’s the cover jacket for L’arc next single CHASE , …  this is what i mean with right now i feel i missed the L’arc train, …

i mean i start to missed all about them, … why? maybe this is because all this time i always count on Tekki for anything about L’arc and now Tekki is kinda busy with her effort to be more British so here i am ….

for example , when i saw that beautiful image above, i dunno if that’s for CHASE jacket until i posted that on my Facebook wall and Ely Takarai told me if that image is the jacket cover for CHASE, ….  i always think if this image below is the jacket cover for CHASE

ahahahaha …. what a bad fangirl i am ne, … me the one who always said/spam everywhere how much i love L’arc  now missed their big ship to L’arribean because i am to busy in Cherrybean with this man  ….

see this is what happen if you are in two fandoms , … yes, i am on ABC fandom, but i am also on L’arc fandom, and the truth is L’arc is my base fandom, ….  but imagine when you are standing in two boats with one leg on this boat and the other leg is on the other boat, …. that’s hard ne, i know you will be able to do that if you have a great balance but it still hard to do

nah in my case, i am the one who can’t swim and  don’t have a good balance so here i am missed a lot of things on L’arc , … when everybody already talk about one thing, i just found out recently and got surprise for that , ….

yasu      :     so what next ….
noi         :     i dunno …
yasu      :     i think i know what you should do next …
noi         :     what?
yasu      :     learn to swim ne so you can be balance …
noi         :     eeehh ….. you know i can’t do that …
yasu      :     make it as your next year bucket list …
noi         :     okay, …. nee ya_san you can ask me anything but not swimming …
yasu      :     ah, you spoil girl ..

my bucket list? …. ah ya i almost forget about that …

this is already the end of November and i am still like this, still the same selfish bitch and no wonder my life is still miserable like this, … i have no idea what  i have to do next, and everything is blurry for me, i feel un_sure about everything,  at this point instead of Pay It Forward, what i am doin is Pay It Backward, …

yasu      :   backward, …. why?
noi        :    i  dunno ….

but that is what i feel recently, i know i’ve been so depressed last month , and then i feel better and now that depression is back hit me over and over again today , …. i feel so stupid now, i can’t think or work fast like i used to be, …

for example, this is something simple :  i even can’t find my phone inside my bag when i was standing on my bus ride in the morning, ….  nah that’s why i really hate when someone text me or call me while i am on my morning bus riding , because i am gonna panic and keep searching my phone inside my bag while hyde keep sayin Kiss Kiss Kiss …. to me ….

ah ya i use XXX as my ring tone now, … and it feels great ne , …. and i feel somebody (read : Hyde) saduced me everyday …. wekekekeke ….

and my life is getting worst, i know it is so shamefull ne rant about how miserable i am in this blog, the blog that i dedicated to this fangirlsm of yasu and hyde. but i also made this blog as my personal pensive where i can put all the memories that i wanted to forget or all what pissed me off, and many more include how misserable i am, …

today, my dad start over again, and somehow he always do that when i am at home, today is Sunday and today is Islamic New Year, so i stayed at home and do nothing, because i always stay at home on Islamic New Year, even here in my home we didn’t celebrate this new year as much as we celebrate the regular new year …

the biggest question on me is why did he always do that, act like he is the most important person in this house and act about how sick he is, i think he is okay now but because he is to lazy (see where i get my lazyness from?) to practice or do something himself, like eating, … i know he can do that but he never want to do that but keep ask my mom to feed him, and when she made a little mstake he is gonna mad like my mom is gonna kill him by that little mistake she made …

and today he made my mom cried again , and that’s make me hate him more, all my life i always try to love him and find some hole in my heart or tryin to find some side of him that i can love to, but more i try to do that the result is more i hate him like now , …. i start to think about stop to pay his medication bills and let him sick so he can’t make all of us sick with what he always did … but can i do that? i know even i really want to do that, but in the end i am still gonna pay for his medication.

and this morning my mom said to me she is gonna leave us back to her own house ….. OMG OMG is that true? ….  that’s my biggest nightmare and she just said that ….

i hope that’s only a dream, … and what i did next i just back to sleep and pretend nothing is ever happen while prayin everything is gonna be okay when i wake up ….  and now i am already wake up and it seems like everything was fine …. or i just had a dream? … a very bad dream? … i dunno …

yasu       :    sleep, …. i think you just ran away …
noi          :    whatever you name it, sleep or ran away … for me it’s the same
yasu       :    what the
noi          :    and thanks to you ya_san, i found a way out for all of this …
yasu       :    by what?
noi          :    nemuri hime, i am gonna be a never wake up nemiri hime , … to end my miserable live, and you ya_san, please don’t kiss me to wake me up , because i will never wake up
yasu       :    baka, who is gonna kiss you anyway

Sometimes i feel so tired with all of this i feel so thin, like a butter applied in to many breads,

i really really wanna have a very long vacation for my self, have my own moment, just me and my self nobody else.  i wanna quit my job, and go to somewhere , to place where nobody know me with all my savings …  i remember i used to do this when i was on college , … whenever something happen and i feel so bad what i did is go and dissapeare …. for a week maybe two and that’s really help me , and when i came back i was like a full recharged phone

but everything is different now, …. i have responsible now, i can’t just quit my job and go dissapeare, lke that, then what about my dad, my mom, who is gonna pay for his medical bill, i know my mom can’t afford that herself with her store income …

last week i saw this show on one of my cable, in that show Lisa Ling went to North Korea to show us what is happen there, …. Lisa Ling is a famous journalist, she went everywhere (India, China, and many more) and told us about a lot of things, what is really happen in this world.

on that show, …. Lisa showed me how all people in North Korea so adore and respect for their Great Leader, … and there’s a scene where an old lady who almost blind because of cataracts. cataracts is an  eyes disease where we found some clouding on the eye lense, the treatment is so simple just by replacing the eye lense with a new plastic artificial lenses, ..

the day when Lisa was there , there’s a free eye treatment for 1,000 peoples include that old lady , the night before her operation day, Lisa asked her : What do you wanna do after you able to see ? … and the answer is : i  wanna see my Great Leader face , …. at least before i die so i can thank Him for everything he gave to me , …

see how loyal is she, i never imagine she is gonna answer with that, … and she is not the one and only who answer like that, mostly all of them who got this eye treatment said the same thing, … nobody know whether that is a real respect of just becasue they are affraid? …. but in the real respect and adore and affraid just same , …. they all adore their Great Leader …

another sory is about a guy who ran aways from North Korea to South Korea, he was a soldier when he is in North, why did he ran away? …  that’s because one night he made a mistake on his job and he knew he is gonna get a dath penalty the next morning if he stay.

so that nght he ran away with his fellow, … he made some simple conductor to move the electricity from the barbed wire to the ground for some moments at the border so he can sneak out savely, … he was able to do that but not his friend, …  then afer saw his friend died burned alive with his eyes, he spent the night by walking in the largest landmines on earth ….

now he is save and have his own free live in South Korea, but when somebody asked him about his family, he never wanna talk about that, ….  he knows with his ran away to South all his family is gonna be arrest and went to jail, all of them no matter what …

yasu    :    nee noi_chan where’s the connection …?
noi       :    ah ya let me finish this oke …

nah somehow when i saw that man story,  i salute him for how brave he was to follow his heart to get his freedom, but when i saw him never talk about his family i feel so sorry for him, …. see a family is our identity in this world, so if you can’t/don’t want to talk about your family i know your whole life is gonna be empty , ….

not only that i feel like i am in that man position, see i always wanna go away from here, but i can’t leave my mom, what is gonna happen to my mom and my sista if i leave them just to get my own live . I am gonna be so selfish ne, Tekki always said to me,  about how she would never stand be on this situation if i am not here, … so she is so greatfull that i don’t have to work out of town, so we can handle our dad together …

nah if i go i would be so selfish ne, …. just to achieve my goal, to get my long vacation, but i am sure on that long vacation i am gonna meet another people that oke they all don’t know anything about me, but i am also sure all of them is gonna ask about my family ….

then whet should i say to them? …. should i say the same thing like that man : no i don’t wanna talk about my family ….. or i should say : i leaved my family for this …. so in the end here i am still trapped here in this miserable live but with my beloved mom that i can’t leave … and i hope she never leave me, no matter how hard this misery is gonna be

I promise you mom, i am gonna stay here with you, but promise me one thing : don’t you ever leave me ….

enough about my miserable life, here’s my scans for Arena 37 December 2011 … enjoy this sexy yasu, … i love when he pose like that, with that face and look

he looks Brilliant ….!!!!

now let’s back to L’arc and CHASE cover jacket, ….

this is for Regular edition

and this one is for Limitted Edition

OMG that’s so beautiful ne, a werewolf/vampire holding a girl with a rainbow color dress (i think the girl is dying and the werewolf/half change vampire cried for her) …. OMG that’s so sad ne? …. if you watch this movie : Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale’s movie Van Helsing i am sure you are gonna feel familiar with that image above

we all know in the end Van Helsing turn into a vampire on his fight with Count Dracula, but instead of the cute vampire he became like this , this kind of wild vampire

and we also know (for all of you who don’t know you better watch this movie , because this movie is amazing, … ) if Princess Anna got stabned until death when she want to save Van Helsing from what he became , …. nah that image above  remind me when Van Helsin half change from vampire to human cried while holding Princess Anna’s dead bodie …

OMG what a coincidence ne, L’arc  CHASE cover and Van Helsing my fave movie, and i really love this kind of coincidence …. i am sure one of them ( Hyde, Ken, Tetsuya or Yukihiro) or the one who made that image as a cover for CHASE watched theat movie and love it like he/she love L’arc and viola …. there you are one amazing cover for CHASE

and for me that cover gave me an idea for another pairing of me and yasu, ….  drum roll please …. tram trarararaa …..

the new pairing is :

A Werewolf and A Dyin Girl in a Rainbow Dress ….

noi      :   ya_san, dou dou ….?
yasu   :   are you serious … i am the werewolf and you are the dyin girl?
noi      :   sure i am ,
yasu   :   but in the end you are gonna die ne,
noi      :   it’s okay, i am still gonna die anyway …
yasu   :   i don’t like it, so the answer is no …
noi      :   but you should say yes ..
yasu   :   why should i?
noi      :   because your next single is yes, remember ….
yasu   :    what the …



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