Acid Black Christmas CM : The Brilliant Model … (Another me, yasu and A Bucket of ABC)

today i went home late, and rain was fall and i don’t have an umbrella. I should follow Mycroft who never far away from his umbrella. So i just ran from the bus station to my home. …

See i am the one who always run whenever something happen, run from any problem in my life, in the real condition i can’t run fast from bus station to my home. only a half way to my home i already walk , i can’t run anymore and let the rain fall on me. I feel so cold and damn why my home have to this far away from bus station? ….

i still feel cold now and i can’t sleep until now, nah when i open my twitter, …. viola, i saw this on my time line, …. this is from Arimatsu ‘s Ameblo, see there’s Hyde , Arly and is that YUKI? ….  ah ya he is YUKI …

but where’s yasu? ….  well he is kinda busy with this one :

Acid Black Cherry Dream Cup 2011 Blog @Ameba post tonight


i’m already ordered all my list last week but then when this official blog CM blown me away again and again, why? this is because of the brilliant model,

Who is the model btw? , Hello Mr. Brilliant i wanna see you ….

yasu    :   hey, noi_chan go away i am busy now …
noi       :   OMG is that you ya_san …?
yasu    :   stop it, it’s not funny …
noi       :   but still i love this blog CM

nah this blog CM made me to add one more thing to my Black Christmas shopping list, i want that bag …. !!!!  i dunno if the bag is gonna looks like that, i never imagine the bag is gonna big like that, even i have this QED and Re:Birth bags

btw that bags just came 2 days a go as a very early Christmas present for me, … as one packet with all of these Acid Black Cherry singles , ….

i am gonna call this as my Bucket Of Acid Black Cherry , … nah if you watch Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’s movie You’ve Got Mail this is one of my fave movie

and thanks to this movie i can be like this : can’t live without internet connection and this movie also made me addicted to MLRC and joined many chat rooms on internet when i was on college and never stop hoping one day i am gonna get a very nice and kind cyber friend like NY152 a.k.a Joe Fox F.O.X
but i never use Shop Girl as my nickname when i joined a chat room, ….

as i remember i always use miss_rain, miss_jully and i changed it depend on the weather or what month it was , ah ya i also use  brianna as my nick name (this is because at that time i was so in love with Brian Litrell from BSB) …..

yasu    :   eeeh , brianna …?
noi      :    aha ya …
yasu   :    then what about now …?
noi      :    now what ?
yasu   :    do you still join a chat room like that?
noi      :    nope, i never do that …
yasu   :    why …?
noi      :    because now i am already found you without join a chat room ….
yasu   :    heeee ….

ah come on, back to the topic, ….  ehmmm what i am gonna say is on that movie there’s a part where  both of them NY152/Joe Fox (my lovely Mr. Hanks) and Shop Girl/Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) read their email in the morning and what NY152 said to Shop Girl on his email was :

Instead of sending you a bucket of flowers, what i am gonna send you is a bucket of a sharpened pencils

waw that line is my fave, because that’s what NY152/Joe Fox imagine about Shop Girl/Kathelyn Kelly as a smart and nice to talk woman who is gonna love a pencil than flower , ….

nah in this case (read : me, Noi Himura) because he (read : not yasu) knows how much i love ABC so Instead of a bucket of flowers he gave me  A Bucket of Acid Black Cherry …. and i really love this bucket ….

hyde     :   he ….? who is he, …?
yasu     :   not me …
daigo    :   and not me either …
noi       :    oke oke , he is Master Yoda ….  ahahahaha
hyde    :    eeeh, what’s wrong with her?
yasu    :    nothing’s wrong hyde_san i think she is hungry , … ne noi_chan  go find something to eat
noi       :   OMG ya_san how did you know that ..

i am not gonna say who is he , but what i am gonna tell you is : actually i watch all of that stuffs, yeah that Bucket of Acid Black Cherry  on a Yahoo Japan Auction page when i was googling something with Tekki and then i just there , …. and the next morning when i told him about that, he said : do you really want that? … well okay i am gonna pay all of that for you …. and because i at that time i have no money to buy all of that because i am already spent my money for Acid Black Christmas goodies i said yes, ….

and not only that stuffs he also paid for another ABC stuffs for me again maybe this one is gonna arrive next week. ….  so this is what it feel’s like when someone bought something that you really like, a feeling of happiness, love, curiousity and the feel of being a gold digger  as one inside of me, i am a gold digger now ?  ….  this is the first time someone bought me something i love and it quite expensive ne,  ….

maybe i should find a boyfriend ne, …. but all of the man that i dated never do something like this, because i always say no, … somehow i never like to accept something especially the expensive one even from my boyfriend , …  why? because i always think when we broke up i have to gave it back to him and what if i lost it or something happen? ….

but for this time, because i really want this and he is not my boyfriend so i think that’s would be fine if i said yes for this ,….   enough about this lovely bucket list, and here’s my scans for CD Data and Songs December 2011

Yasu and The Butterfly are Brilliant …!!!!! ….

OMG  tonight i should talk about debt collector and brother Hung, ….. because that thing sticked in my mind and i just wanna let it go to this pensive ….

yasu   :   do that tomorrow … and go to sleep now …
noi      :   okay, oyasumi ….



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