14th Single is CRISIS : Oke Ya_san, I’ll Fly With U…. ( Another me, yasu and Hyde)




is that Hyde looks hair? ….

i knew it

i knew it

there’s always something connect them ….  *happy*

well for all of you who always say : i want yasu with black hair again onegai … !! like me … xD , now we can have some nostalgic moment seeing him with black hair again … so lovely ne …

again and again this man blow my mind today, ….. the question is why did they always update something like this at this time, when i am at my office try to concentrate ….. but i can’t …. who can do that anyway , …. all i think about now is only this man

he knows i can’t swim and how unbalance i am

so now he is a Pilot ……?

yasu   :   eeehh a pilot?
noi      :   yes,
you are my Pilot on this fandom spaceship …
yasu   :   heee …
noi      :   don’t worry ya_san, i’ll fly with you ne …
yasu    :  what the ….



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