Bloody Hell Post : さようなら私の YouTube … (Another me, yasu and A Long December)

i just found it a moment ago . Bloody Hell, they deleted my YouTube account ….




yasu     :   poor noi_chan ….
noi        :   aaahhh …..

this time is because i uploaded the last MUJACK Show with yasu , …. after last time because yasu @Hey Hey Hey video they sent me to that school with some cartoon character to learn more about something related to copyright and videos …. and now i got my last penalty, and the batsu is they deleted my YouTube account, So tonight the announcement is :

noihimura is officially dead on YouTube ….. #R.I.P.NH

well you can send me a flower if you want to, but in this case i want a flower from bank a.k.a  bank interest or money ….. hahahahaha …… *dumped to limbo*  oke oke i am gonna stay calm and text SHERLOCK for this one

actually i want to make a new account but i dunno why it just keep failed or i am the one who don’t know how to make a new one? … ah what ever, so from now on i only have my Facebook to share some video, …

and btw do i have to make it friends only?  because i don’t want this is happen to my Facebook, i mean i don’t want them to ask Mr. Zuckerberg to do the same thing like this to my Facebook, …. because if i lost my Facebook then i am gonna , …

yasu     :   you’re gonna do what …
noi        :   i dunno, but can you imagine ne ya_san, …
yasu     :   what …
noi        :   me as a Facebook saiyajin with no Facebook account?
yasu     :   hmmm
noi        :   arienaii ….!!!!

and btw i just received this email, and i am sure all of you also received the same one :

L’Arc-en-Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012 Hong Kong Ticket Presale Info Announcement!

Thanks very much for registering for Special Ticket Information about the L’Arc-en-Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012.

We’d like to send information about Hong Kong ticket pre_sale to everyone who registered.
It’s been 20 years since the band formed, and now the legend is taking a new stage!
Tickets are definitely going to be hard to come by, so please check the pre_sales out.

*Tickets are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Pre_sale tickets will go quickly – thanks for your understanding!

[Ticket Presale Schedule]




Presale Start From

Ticket Link

March 3rd,
2012 (Sat)

AsiaWorld-Expo Arena

Hong Kong, China

Wed Nov 30, 2011 12:00AM


*Only HK$990 ticket is available.
*We’ll provide information about tickets to other shows as information becomes available.



they already announced for Hong Kong, ….. this make me nervous now, when did they gonna announce for Bangkok? …. and next December is gonna be another a long December again for me, if last year December was a long December because of my long waiting for Acid Black Cherry Re:Birth DVD , …

this year  is for

~  Acid Black Cherry 15th Single : Yes on Jan 18th
~  L’arc New Single : CHASE and Acid Black Cherry CRISIS on Jan 21th
~  BREAKERZ New Single : Miss Mistery on Jan 25th

ah ya, stay calm and text SHERLOCK …..

yasu     :    just SHERLOCK, then what about me?
noi        :    text message …?
yasu     :    yup
noi        :    but you never give me your number ne, oboete iru?
yasu     :    ah ya …
noi        :    demo ne ya_san you should give me your number …
yasu     :    for what? to let you text me : Bahama 221B. If convient please come, NH over and over?
noi        :    aaaahahaha how did you know that …



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